A Different Lesson/Heartwarming

Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

(Most of these are also Tear Jerker moments)

  • Tai Lung and Shifu reconciling.
  • Tigress’s doll.
  • Tai Lung speaking with Zhuang’s ghost.
  • Jia reconciling with Xu Mei.
  • Tai Lung meeting his biological family.
  • Bao and Li-Na’s letter to Po.
  • Tai Lung and Monkey making their peace.
  • The entire progress of Tai Lung’s romance of Tigress, particularly Chapter 25 where he nursed her back to health--with the payoff being their conversation on the ledge in Chorh-Gom, and their talk on the path below the Jade Palace.
  • Mantis's return.