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  • Complete Monster: Jha'dur, also known as Deathwalker. She's nicer than in Babylon 5 due having not lost everyone she cared for, but she's still a monster.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The Dilgar Warmaster Council is now composed of officers actually worth of the job, and they are manipulating the Drakh to their ends, selling biological weapons to a Minbari faction in exchange for texts on Minbari history, weakening Earth and the Minbari against each other while using it as a model as how a Dilgar-Minbari War would go, and using whatever happened to the Drazi fleet to end their isolation.
  • Paranoia Fuel: When the Drazi sent a fleet to help Earthforce, Jha'dur went out to destroy it and better isolate Earthforce, but finds it destroyed with a Minbari fleet nearby. Then Sineval, the Minbari commander and an aquietance of Jha'dur, calls and congratulates her for destroying the Drazi fleet before they arrived. And there's no hint on who destroyed the Drazi fleet, leaving the Drakh out of the possible culprits (they weren't powerful enough to do the job with no losses, and there had been no time to take the relics away). Meaning out there there's someone strong enough to gut a Drazi fleet with no losses and run away in mere minutes.