A Gentleman's Duel

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A 2006 CGI short film from Blur Studios about two gentleman (the Englishman Weatherby and the French Dubois), rivals for the love of a beautiful and wealthy woman, find that the only way to settle their grievances is with a duel. With giant steam-powered robots.

Tropes used in A Gentleman's Duel include:
  • Abnormal Ammo: Fifi
  • All There in the Script: We never actually hear the names "Dubois" and "Weatherby"-- they only insult each other (Weatherby calls Dubois "the Marquis du Manstrumpet" and Dubois calls Weatherby "Sir Dingleberry").
  • Badass Mustache: Both men have pretty good mustaches, though Dubois' is especially fancy (and he loses his temper when it's disarrayed by a Glove Slap).
  • Bring My Brown Pants: Used as an insult by Dubois.

"Fifi says she can smell the fear (Fifi yaps)-- in your pants!"

"Oh, of course, alcohol-- the French recipe for romance!"

"Your grace is only matched by your boobies-- I mean your beauty!"

Dubois: What would you know of love?
Weatherby: Your mother can answer that, Monsieur le Poopypants!