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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: While Ren is kept in character, he once in a blue moon says things that imply that really, inside, he's afraid of being alone.
  • Complete Monster: Fan Suo. This is a woman who lost her first daughter because of anti-shaman aggression by the townspeople, but she never specifically uses that as a reason for doing what she does. What exactly does she do? Well, she curses and kills half the town for her daughter's death. After having another daughter, she pairs her with an older man who uses said daughter for sex - at twelve years old, and seems to be alright with it. Then, after Hua decides to marry Zhang instead, she forces her at 13 years old to have a child, which ends up killing her. One would think this would drive her to cherish the child as a memento, but she does just the opposite. She entices Zhang to practically become a sex addict for thirteen years with numerous women, causing him to ignore his own daughter's existence. As the girl, Pin-Mei, grows up, Suo beats her emotionally and physically, then begins to mold her into her mother so she can be used as a sacrifice fourteen years later to bring Hua back.
    • That's not all! She crashes Ren and Pin-Mei's engagement party after threatening a servant with killing her family if she didn't tell her what was going on, then berates Pin-Mei for not continuing to play dress-up when she's not there. Then she tries to convince Pin-Mei that Ren doesn't love her, and only wants to control her, causing her to actually doubt him. It gets better! She has Ren cursed so that he tries to rape Pin-Mei, then uses that as a reason to have their engagement annulled so she won't have to worry about him interfering. Then she curses Pin-Mei, making her believe that Ren did rape her, even making her "relive it" through a nightmare, brainwashing her into fighting Ren and almost killing him. Then when Pin-Mei kills herself, she takes the time to tell Ren how bland and unspecial she was and was only a copy of her mother. Then we find out she tricked Ma Ying into helping her with her plan, and how does she reward her? Why, by extinguishing her spirit and using it in her ritual!
    • Not to mention she kills Zhang, and then it's revealed that Zhang begged her to teach him to be a shaman just so he could see the spirit of Hua after her death, and she flat out refuses for no good reason other than to hurt him.
    • She also uses Ren and Pin-Mei's love against them in the second half when she tricks Ren into thinking Pin-Mei followed him to the battle and heard him say that he didn't need her. She also has no problem taking her revenge out on Seta when it's really Rong that she wants to kill. The fact that she made Tadashi think she was his long-lost mother, then discard him when he started to realize otherwise doesn't help, either.