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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Despite the fact that the book is mostly about Nancy and her gift of magic, it's not hard to see her sister Kirby as the hero, even though Nancy opposes her at every turn. Nancy's sexist and extremely selfish attitude towards her family can also lead the reader to believe that she is, in fact, the villain of the story, despite being the main character. This can turn a reader's opinion of the story being somewhat sexist Glurge into an underdog story about a character who succeeds at her dream despite peer pressure, disapproval from her family and downright bad luck.
    • The question of how powerful Nancy is also produces at least two different interpretations, with many readers considering Nancy's powers the reason that behind both the accident that broke Kirby's leg and the fact that Kirby eventually healed enough to be able to dance again. The book, however, strongly implies that Kirby's anorexia was to blame for the accident (she fainted and fell down the stairs), that the healing just happened spontaneously (as the doctors said it might), and that Nancy trying to take credit for either of those was just her overestimating her powers.
  • Jerk Sue: Nancy is smart, feminine, prodigiously gifted and utterly, utterly selfish.
  • Values Dissonance: A Gift of Magic was written in The Seventies, so it's probably expected that it will be at least a little sexist.