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Yes, that is a glowing clownfish. It makes sense in context

A Girl and Her Fed is a web comic.

An unnamed woman who works as a journalism intern finds she is on a terrorist watchlist. When she confronts the Fed who is set to watch her, things get seriously, fantastically weird. There's a good deal of humor thrown in. And did we mention the forty billion undead pixies? And the talking super-genius koala? Once the fantastic elements are accepted by the reader, we then see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Much, much better than it sounds.

Read. Enjoy. Conspire.

Tropes used in A Girl and Her Fed include:
  • A Boy and His X
  • Action Girl: The girl. She's one of the best in the world at judo.
  • A God Am I: Clarice's eventual goal.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Agent 146/Clarice deals with ghosts on a near-daily basis, but refuses to believe that The Girl is an empath.
  • Art Evolution: Downright noddy at the start, until the occasional Art Shift shows the artist's potential. The comic is getting redrawn in colour and a brand new style.
    • Notably, the first dramatic art shift happened after a significant meditation event undertaken by the girl. She opened her eyes and from that point on, the world is drawn in full color and with more details (including characters having visible eyes whereas before, it was a case of Eyes Always Shut). Slightly undermined by the art style reboot...
    • The 'Eyes Always Shut' bit was broken at various different points - the meeting with Mike, the flashbacks with the Fed and Dixon's wife, et cetera. The real art style change happened when the artist decided to do so for one reason or another...and the fact that she's bringing the whole strip into a more realistic style makes one wonder what it'll look like regarding those flashbacks.
  • Artificial Limbs: Clarice has a super strong cybernetic arm and has apparently similar reinforcements planted to her spine to supports its weight and lift capability. However, apparently it's not designed to resist being ripped apart from her shoulder socket.
  • Back from the Dead: Ben gives a pretty good and short Motive Rant about it too.

Ben: "I came back from the dead for this Country. I will not sit passively by while what I fought to forge is CORRUPTED and DESTROYED!"


Girl: Damn, we're juggling a load of MacGuffins. And I've heard MacGuffins are insanely high in calories... Get it? Muffin? MacGuffin?

  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Zig-zagged all to hell. The Girl seems like a shoe-in for this, being spunky, violent, and spontaneous. But it ends up that she has to spend a lot more effort getting used to Sparky's convoluted conspiracy/spy shenanigans than any effort he'd have to take to get used to her being merely eccentric.
  • Masquerade: At least until the chips are revealed to the public between parts one and two. The ghosts are probably going to remain hidden for a while, though.
  • No Name Given: Both title characters, initially. Word of God had this was intentional. Their real names are eventually revealed as Hope Blackwell and Patrick Mulcahey respectively.
  • Noodle Incident: The first time she made a serial killer cry.
    • Also, whatever happened in the Fed's college days with a walrus. Mentioned a few times, so it's a Brick Joke.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different
  • Planet Eris: After the chips are revealed to the public. In the earlier comics it's the Masquerade (see above).
    • After? How about this qoute from the beggining of the strip.

The Fed: "Oh good, the ghost of Benjamin Franklin has arrived. Now things can get back to normal. That's the sound of a mutant conservative koala bear in a screaming fight with an EXTREMELY pissed-off Liberal wanna-be journalist. To the best of my knowledge, it's a first for the record books."


"Sometimes when we're bored, the ghost of Ben Franklin and I get hammered on old scotch and he goes five hours into the future to cherry-pick high-yield stocks for day trading."


Girl: We're gonna... go to the restroom and check on our drinks.
Mako: Great! Get me a for god's sake, separate your sentences. With a twist of lime.