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  • Max's nightmare in A Goofy Movie.
  • In A Goofy Movie, the scene where Bigfoot finds Max's walkman, puts it on, and starts dancing. And then the few seconds when he's dancing in the background.
    • Before that, when he starts going through Goofy and Max's things and gets a pair of underwear stuck on his head, then later takes their socks and uses them as hand puppets.
  • The climax of the "Open Road" number features a corpse getting up and dancing on the roof of his hearse. The best part is that it's a background moment.
  • Quite a lot of them in the sequel, but when Max sees his dad return in 70s clothes and an afro is a good one:

Max: (to Bobby) "Kill me, just kill me now!"

    • Or better yet, his entrance:

Goofy: (kicks open the door to the classroom) Hi everybody!

      • His expression caused a lot of laughing.
  • "Goodbye house! Goodbye mailbox! *car runs over fence* Goodbye broken pile of wood!"
  • "My life's a living-" "Hello, little buddy!"