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  • The song "Nobody Else But You."
  • Three words: "Hi Dad" soup.
  • When Max and Goofy have already gone over the waterfall, and Goofy's fishing rod's handle has just broken, sending him down into the abyss, Max whirls the broken rod around, copies Goofy's "Perfect Cast" absolutely flawlessly and ends up saving his father. The resulting pride brings Goofy to tears and leaves him all but speechless.
  • The montage where Max lets Goofy choose the stops on the road trip, because his dad was taking him where he wanted to go up to that point.
    • Specifically the part where after seeing Goofy having a hard time at the monster truck rally, Max decides to take him to a house of yarn.
  • I love Max and Goofy moments, but what about all those cute scenes with Roxanne? Funny/heartwarming all the way.
  • When Max gives Goofy the X-Games trophy, telling him to read the inscription, which is a Call Back to the first film.
    • "I may no longer be your little boy, but I'll always be your son." (Cue big hug between the two)

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