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They may be underdogs fighting to the top, but they do a lot of awesome things in such short time. Here's just a few examples.

  • Generally, anything the BLU Soldier says or does. He's simply a walking Crowning Moment in his own right. Extra props to xlr for making a completely psychopathic, war-obsessed madman seem like a stand-up guy, retaining some aspects of the original character, and making him a hell of a heroic wonder.
  • Soldier's plan to fake the Kritz Charge on the Scout rush they encounter, when it's revealed that the scouts all boast a lot of Bonk!, and saving the Demoman to boot.
  • The whole fight with Aleks, also known as the Octo-Heavy, is full of awesome moments, and has Crowning Music to boot.
  • Engineer single-handedly saving the Sniper, the Demoman, the Medic, and the Soldier from the control of the Mic Spammers.
  • Pyro taking down Monopoly Pyro, self-proclaimed six-time airblasting champion. I repeat, Pyro, who has had a traumatic experience and is not that good at fighting, beats a SIX-TIME WORLD AIRBLASTING CHAMPION, who had proven how powerful he was just before the fight, in several seconds. Granted, they had to cheat to pull it off, and BLU Soldier technically got the kill, but give him some credit for summoning the courage to airblast duel after some words from the BLU Soldier.
  • Taking down the RED Spy is awesome enough as it is. Doing it as Meatloaf is better. The final two parts with the cloaked RED Spy is all audio-based, the only audio based choice in the story in fact, but doing it with headphones is cool. If you wanna feel proud of your self (and sense of hearing), listen for the RED Spy without headphones. It's a challenge, yeah, but it's still awesome to pull off.
  • The BLU Spy infiltrating the heavily fortified RED Base, utilizing mind trickery and stealth to the fullest extent.
  • The BLU Team, allied with the Badwater Brigade, completely annihilates the Clan Stackers. Well, everyone except RED Soldier (and one RED Medic), who shreds the Badwater Brigade within seconds.
  • Pyro growing a pair after the BLU Soldier sacrifices himself and taking on the RED Soldier by himself.
  • All of the BLU Team using great teamwork in the final confrontation with the RED Soldier, ending with Pyro using the airblast to reflect a rocket back at RED Soldier and finishing him off once and for all.
  • The BLU Team simply doing what they thought they could not accomplish: eradicating the Clan Stackers completely.

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