A Granary Adventure: The Underdog Story/Heartwarming

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  • Nine words: "A little bit of faith goes a long way."
  • The ending, which is also a Tear Jerker. The BLU Soldier comes back in spirit to congratulate Pyro on leading BLU Team to victory against the Clan Stackers, but knows that he can no longer be around to lead his team when they need him. He entrusts the duty of being a leader to Pyro, knowing he has become a strong fighter in his time in Granary. Pyro isn't confident in his abilities as leader yet, but the BLU Soldier reassures Pyro that he has a lot of heart, and, time running short, has one last cheer with Pyro before he has to take his leave. The team comes over to Pyro and wonders who he was talking to during the celebration. The next time Pyro turns around, BLU Soldier has vanished, his time up. The BLU Team is worried that Pyro is contemplating leaving them behind even after all that has happened. Pyro thinks back for a moment, how he was the one looking for help in the beginning of the adventure, and in the end, found loyal, lifelong friends, and a family to call his own. Pyro agrees to stay with the group and help them rebuild the once-peaceful community.

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