A Hard Day's Night/Funny

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  • "I now declare this bridge... open!" and many more.
  • Also, during the interview montage:

Reporter: What do you call your hairstyle?
George: Arthur.

    • Ringo's interview:

Reporter: Are you a mod or a rocker?
Ringo: Uh, no, I'm a mocker.

  • John's wordplay with a flustered Millie who thinks she recognizes him as who he is. When he's done confusing her, she's convinced he doesn't look anything like himself.
  • "Hey, mister, can we have our ball back!? Mister, c'mon, Mister! Can we have our ball back?"
    • Even funnier when they appear outside, running along beside the train.
    • Also just before when they all line up and pull silly faces at the nasty man.
  • Paul's grandfather escaping during "She Loves You", then coming on stage via the elevator - only to be pulled offstage by George (and kicked in the rear by Paul for good measure!)