A Knight's Tale/Funny

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  • Basically any time Chaucer opens his mouth.
    • Especially when he mocks Wat.
  • The scene in the tavern betting against the French. Roland, the voice of reason, refuses to take the risk until one of the Frenchmen declares that among the reasons an Englishman can't win the tournament is that the Pope is French -- at which point Roland fires back that the Pope may be French, but Jesus was English, and the bet is on.
  • Chaucer teaching Will how to dance, with Wat as his dance partner.

Chaucer: And one and two and three and four and Wat doesn't lead, he follows like a girl.
Chaucer, with two bits of fabric stuffed up his bleeding nose: And one and two and twirly-twirly-twirl, you can hit me all day 'cause you punch like a ...what?
Roland: A girl!

  • Wat going for Adhemar and Chaucer's reaction. I'm sorry, it's just funny:

"Well played, my lord!"

  • "It's called a lance. Hellooo?
  • Wat delivering Jocelyn's gift to Will.
  • When Jocelyn asks Will what he'll wear to banquet that evening.

Will: Nothing
Jocelyn: Then we shall create a sensation, for I shall dress to match.