A Lesson Is Learned but The Damage Is Irreversible

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"Another day," thought Bear, "of mind-shattering executions."


A Lesson Is Learned but The Damage Is Irreversible (full title, A Lesson Is Learned for short) is a(n unfortunately abandoned) webcomic written by Dale Beran and drawn by David Hellman.

A Lesson Is Learned is a Dada Comic, with occasional shades of Sci-Fi, life embellishment, and meta. There is little continuity between installments, and the authors are the only recurring characters (except for a couple of two-parters). Topics range from a gun that can harm only your true love to a yeti imparting relationship wisdom; from an afterlife accessible only by self-immolation to a man who is granted a wish every time he has a suicidal thought.

David also produced all the artwork for Braid, which has to explain something somewhere.

It can be found here. Thankfully, the archive is still binge-able, complete with comments from Dale and David, some of which themselves jump off the deep end.

Tropes used in A Lesson Is Learned but The Damage Is Irreversible include:

Father: Darling, you can't spend every day searching for your real self. You'll waste living the pale reflection of her life!