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A Miracle of Science is The Future of The Mad Scientist Wars

The Government finally gets a handle on the madness by a combination of Awesomeness By Analysis and bribery. Result: the Vorstellen police show up, give them the drama they crave, a few years of therapy and wonderful drugs, after which they are hailed as innovative geniuses for developing revolutionary technology.

The comic shows an alternate path to wear out the Mad Scientist meme.

The accepted method of handling the meme is a challenge, a chase scene, and a denouement. However, Benjamin Prester's relapse shows another possible method: if the scientist's current obsession is reached, the meme will run its course. Granted, this could be problematic in the standard situations presented, seeing as most of them are trying to Take Over the World, but in the right circumstances, it might even be easier to do the alternate method in the future such as in the comic's denouement, where Benjamin's obsession was to rescue Caprice, at which he ultimately succeeded.

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