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3, 2, 1, ACTION! Time for the best of the best in funny for A Miscellaneous Tale of Night and Day! What's it gonna be?

Chapter 1: Nevermind Us

  • Blue's message to the security guards.

Chapter 2: Four Girls and Several Awkward Moments Ago...

Chapter 3: Cake and Crepe Town

  • Crystal and Sapphire falling from buildings for chocolate.

Crystal: "This is chocolate suicide."

Chapter 4: Life is Like a School Festival, You'll Never Know Where You'll Find Romance... But Some of Us Are Too Stupid To Even Notice What's In Front of Us Because We're Way Too Stubborn To Accept Whatever is Coming. / Carnival Festival: First Years

Gold: "This is Silver. He doesn't like... humanity."

Chapter 5: Sappha Dora! Second Years

Chapter 6: Crystal Three: Third Years

  • The hilarity of Blue's inner thoughts

Blue: "TALK TO HIM IDIOT!" *Shoves Yellow into Red*
Blue, mentally: But I did it in my head, so it didn't actually happen.

  • Rule 3: Go easy on each other. Rule 4: Ignore Rule 3!

Chapter 7: Plays'a Four: Fourth Years

Chapter 8: Night Five: Mask and Magikarp

Chapter 9: All You Need At the BW Agency!

  • The Homestuck parody with Blue and White
  • Diamond's incredible mind-reading powers

Diamond: "My hand felt a reason to do this to you. Did you say something weird about me in your head?"

Chapter 10: Can't We Just Go To School?

Sapphire: "I swear if I see another Rattata I'm gonna..."
Rattata: "TA!"


Chapter 11: No One Must Find Out!

Chapter 12: The Voice

Chapter 13: Golden Days, Crystal Memory

Chapter 14: Autumn and Summer, Part 1

Chapter 15: Summer and Autumn, Part 2

Chapter 16: Contract and Child

Chapter 17: Doubt and Day Care

Chapter 18: The Beast

Chapter 19: Nope

  • Gold being the worst psychiatrist ever.

Red: "Are you hitting on me?"

Ruby: "Sapphire is my makeshift fiancée thing from the past since we got kidnapped together, and just two days ago I CROSS. DRESSED. as my female self just to cheer her up, and she indirectly confesses her love for me and she doesn't even know it."
Gold: "...Dude, you're messed up."

  • Green underestimating Blue

Green: "I'm sure she understands what's going on."
-Scene Transition-

Chapter 20: Time To Make A Scene

Blue: "Gold! Crystal Capture Manoeuvre Number Five!"

Chapter 21: The Girl Who Time Stopped

  • Red failing horrifically at being stealthy.

"Turn down the Gold-o-meter".

  • Everything about Alex and Merc, especially when they first see Ruby.