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  • At one point Sam the Eagle pops up, apropos of nothing at all, to ask, "Why am I here?"

Sam: "Is nothing sacred?" (FACEPALM)

  • When the Sesame Street gang sings "Deck the Halls" and it's Oscar's turn, he declares, "I will not sing this song!"...and the others pick up the next line without missing a beat.
  • Most of the interactions between the various cast members from the three Muppet shows.
    • Animal commenting that Cookie Monster is he kind of guy after chomping down a plate of Christmas cookies.

Janice: Who was that strange, blue creature?
Animal: He my kinda fella. Hahaha.

    • Ernie & Bert telling Doc that the educational tidbits from Sesame Street is small talk from where they come from.
    • Rowlf & Sprocket communicating in barks, made better by how Sprocket is actually barking while Rowlf is just saying "Bark" & "Woof".
    • Big Bird being blissfully unaware of the Swedish Chef trying to cook him.
  • The Running Gag where various characters accidentally slip on an icy patch.
  • Mrs. Bear, after confirming that everyone has arrived at the farm, announces that they've just run out of room. And two of them will have to sleep on coat hangers. Cut to Gonzo and Animal doing just that.
  • Jim Henson's cameo is remembered as a CMoH but He also had a really funny line.

Jim: "But tell you what, somebody'll have to do something about these dishes, Sprocket. C'mon. I'll wash, you dry, okay?"


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