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  • HELLO!!! How about the end of the movie when the Death Star goes boom?
    • Both the original and remastered version look good to this troper.
  • The opening Star Destroyer shot.
  • The first appearance of the lightsabre.
  • The Falcon first goes to light speed.
  • Leia shooting a wall and snapping that "Somebody has to save our skins!".
  • Luke and Leia swinging across a bottomless pit.
  • The Death Star trench dive shot, done twice, and awesome both times.
  • Luke taking charge during the final Trench Run. Consider that his wingmates are Biggs (his best friend and a much more experienced pilot), and Wedge (described in the EU as being so Badass that Imperial pilots are known to wet their beds during nightmares of being chased by him) and the inexperienced farm-boy with no more experience than varmint-hunting manages to tell them what to do.