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  • While the real Lightoller has his share of failures in the Titanic disaster, his fictional depiction in A Night to Remember is full of Awesome efforts. Most notable is the fact that he is able to confidently yell out directions to those around him...While swimming in 28°F!
  • Lightoller one-ups himself on numerous occasions, but the band members at the end have to take the biscuit.
  • There was also 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown', demanding that the lifeboat turn around and put back to try and rescue as many of the people in the water as they could. She also got the women in the boat with her to join in working the oars.
  • That one of the Titanic's builders who retires to the smoking lounge to quietly await the end deserves a mention here.
  • The real Crowning Moment of Awesome is, barring some slight (only sligh!) exageration where Lightoller's concerned, all of these examples were Truth in Television.