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  • Crowning Moment of Funny: After about a half page of discussing the home made silencer, and how that friend likely had some secret compartment to hide the gun for just when he needs it, complete with a locking mechanism and other doodads, Arctor's inner monologue reveals he has his service weapon in a much more devious hidden place, where nobody will ever find it: his glove compartment.
    • Charles Freck's suicide attempt. Nuff said. (Beware the multi-eyed eight-foot-high being with the endless scroll!)
      • Who will be reading you your sins in shifts throughout eternity!
    • The argument about how a 21-speed bicycle works, leading the drug-addled characters to determine that someone stole eleven gears from it.
      • It gets even more confused when Charles Freck thinks he sees one more gear than the rest do. Then two less. Then two more again.