A Scarlet Red Summer

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A Scarlet Red Summer is a work in the Supernatural genre by Anime King 194 that is currently published on His Deviant Art Page, at the moment it is eleven chapters long (With interest to go back and rewrite the first six or so chapters), and will continue going on for however long he intends it to go.

The story is about Scarlet Creda, a young half-vampire orphan who has been living in her castle with an adoptive vampire parent and a ghostly butler for seven years. Sometime after her twelfth birthday, she decided to go out into the outside world and explore everything it has to offer, because there isn't much to see and do within an old castle after so long. What she doesn't know is that she is a prime target by many ill-intentioned villains, and she'll have to deal with them as she meets strange people and sees what bizarre things the world has.

She also has her reasons to be out in the world, she wants to know where her parents are and who they are, and to hopefully meet many new and interesting people, the only people she knew for the longest time were her ghostly butler (In a way, her only friend), the vampire who adopted her, and many stuffed animals she made for herself. She doesn't want to be alone in the world that much at all, may be a bit hard, though...

Still in progress and always coming a step further with ideas and help from friends.

Tropes used in A Scarlet Red Summer include:
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Darkness is not explicitly evil in this story, it's more misunderstood due to mankind's fear of it. But a more straight example would be a later character named Julia, who uses Necromancy, Darkness, and Poison. A triple use of the trope.
  • Casting a Shadow: One of Scarlet's powers, used more for utility and defense, such as using her shadow as a hole of sorts to hold items, or making a shield rise out of it.
  • Catgirl: Hana. And how.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: All Over the Place. Scarlet uses Darkness and is presumed to be evil by quite a few people, but is a very nice person when a bond is formed. A later character named Julia also uses Darkness, and is anything but evil.
  • Dark Magical Girl: Scarlet has shades of it, naturally. Her greatest fear is to be completely alone and hated by people, not to mention the fact she knows nothing about her parents.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Oooh boy, here we go. There are many different kinds of vampires out there, some can fly, some can turn into bats, and some can live in the daylight, others can turn people into vampires with a bite, others need to have someone drink their blood.
    • Scarlet's kind was one of the first there were, they controlled darkness, could control bats, and bring inanimate objects to life with their blood, and stay in the sunlight, albeit getting very sick and weak in the process, in exchange they required more blood then normal, other vampires just need blood at least once or twice a week, their kind requires blood every three or so days, or they will slowly begin to die. The other problem was that most people who were sired into this kind of vampire were reckless or didn't exercise restraint with darkness and were consumed or killed by it, leading to a low number of their kind. At the moment, Scarlet is the only known living member of this kind of vampire. Or is it?
  • Playing with Fire: Another power of Scarlet's. Used mostly for offense, but can be used in other ways such as to keep one warm or as a lamp, but that's about it.
  • Promoted Fangirl: Originally, the story was just being written by Shin (The author's nickname), one person. But as time went on, three of his friends gave so many contributions (Designs, characters, story ideas) that they essentially were woven together into a writing staff of sorts. The straightest example being Rachael, a 13-year old girl who simply loved the story and kept giving characters, designs, and storyline ideas. In the end she was added to the writing staff as well and is still giving help. Notable also is Hanun who has been along with the story since the it's inception, and even designed the titular character.