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A Sharptooth's Heart is a The Land Before Time fanfic series written by Sora WTK, which follows the story of a dracovol named Rex. The series so far[when?] has one complete story, and an incomplete sequel that has been on hiatus since 2009.

Out of the Shadows by DarkHououmon takes place in an alternate universe of this story.

The author has also started writing an alternative universe based on A Sharptooth's Heart entitled Land Before Time: Battle Network.

Tropes used in A Sharptooth's Heart include:
  • Actual Pacifist - Tree-star is this.
  • Alternate Universe Fic - A Sharptooth's Heart takes place in an alternate future of Land Before Time, where Ruby does not exist and Chomper never came to live in the Great Valley.
  • Be All My Sins Remembered - Rex feels this way after attacking an innocent dinosaur.
  • Berserk Button - Rex, when his sharptooth instinct kicks in and he kills Zill in a fit of rage.
  • Better Than Canon
  • Canon Defilement - Although not as graphic as Out of the Shadows, there are some seriously violent moments, such Rex kills Zill and when Axel rips out the wings out of Vlad's mother.
  • Classic Villain - Bull and Rorra, though for different reasons. Bull has a vendetta while Rorra merely wants power.
  • Complete Monster - Definitely Axel. She is among the cruelest of the Darkarians, to the point where she is considered to be a double edged sword.
    • Other antagonists fit this as well.
  • Dark and Troubled Past - Zebulon, because he left the Rock Rangers after they locked down on him for being Rorra's brother.
  • Dark Is Evil - The Darkarians.
    • Bull has black skin and red stripes, both colors often associated with evil.
  • Fix Fic - The author manages to fix a big hole in the Land Before Time universe before Universal did in the TV series. The movies never explain how sharpteeth are never able to enter the valley. In A Sharptooth's Heart II, it's revealed that alimons have been protecting the valley for a long time.
  • Good Is Not Nice - Donovan may be Stone's right hand man, but he can be hostile.
    • Midnight as well, due to being too blatantly honest.
  • Hates Everyone Equally - Kumo, subverted. Though he doesn't actually hate everyone, he is resentful due to being taken into Fortress Valley and losing his wings and no one tries to save him.
  • Hidden Badass - Terrel, who drops a boulder on Redclaw.
  • I Am Who? - In the second story, Rex finally learns what his species is.
  • Kids Are Cruel - Kumo digs his claws in so far into Cera's spine that she almost could have died.
  • Lack of Empathy - Axel.
    • This is a common trait amongst the Darkarians. Other villains of the story may be like this as well.
  • Light Is Good - The Rock Rangers.
  • Original Character - This story is full of these.
  • Out-of-Character Moment - Rex when he nearly killed Cera. Subverted, it was really Kumo.
  • The Exile - Rex willingly becomes this after he breaks his promise to Grandpa Longneck.
  • The Stoic - Kumo, for the most part.
  • War Fic - Between the Darkarians and Rock Rangers, as well as Yu's pack and Bull's pack.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not for Kids? - The story can get very violent, with plenty of not so pretty scenery.
  • What the Hell, Hero? - When the gang thought that Rex tried to murder Cera.
  • You Will Be Assimilated - There is a plot to make Rex defect to the evil dracovol's side.