A Snowball in Hell

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A Snowball in Hell
Written by: Christopher Brookmyre
Central Theme:
Synopsis: The bad guy comes back - again - and the Fair Cop fights him - again - and it's all very Christopher Brookmyre - again.
Series: Angelique de Xavia
Preceded by: The Sacred Art of Stealing
First published: 2008
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A Snowball in Hell is a 2008 comedic novel by Christopher Brookmyre.

From Amazon: "If society has the B-list celebrities it deserves, it now has a killer to match. Except that Simon Darcourt is a great deal more successful in his career choice than the average talent show contestant. He's also got the media taped - by the simple expedient of by-passing them completely and posting real-time coverage of his killings on the internet. He's got viewing figures to make the world's TV executives gasp in envy, and he's pulling the voyeuristic strings of every viewer by getting them to 'vote' to keep his captives alive."

Tropes used in A Snowball in Hell include: