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Even if A Sticky Situation is more action oriented, there are several moments to make you smile.

In the first story, A Sticky Situation

  • The fact that the tamers were reunited with their partners is definitely a wonderful thing.
  • As odd a couple as Terriermon and Renamon make, they are rather sweet once you get your mind around the concept.
  • When Impmon gives Leomon's digi-egg to Jeri.

In the second story, Secret of the 327th

  • Almost any of the group hugs. Especially once we get the clones involved.
  • The reaction of Renamon, Terriermon, and Lopmon when they are reunited with Suzie. They had been so worried about their partners, but finding at least one was such a relief.
  • After escaping from slavers and almost getting eaten by hungry predators, having little Numa reunite with some familiar faces is rather nice.
  • After the death of Palpatine, Padme and Anakin finally get a moment alone together. Even better, they have a few friends who are watching out for them to ensure that they aren't spotted by the wrong people.
  • Even though the day before they were taking out Palpatine and the rest of his followers, Ahsoka's friends still don't forget her birthday.
  • After everything that little Numa has gone through, including losing her family and ending up in a huge battle, it is rather nice that she gets a chance at the end to go back to having a regular childhood for a while.
  • The reunion between the three tamers and digimon who have been stuck in the Star Wars universe for six months with someone from their old dimension. Group hugs and lots of shocked happiness for everyone.
    • And, later, there's a nice little kiss between Lopmon and Impmon that he definitely deserved.

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