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  • Awesome Music: The BGM of Trial of Space
    • The music that plays when you fight Rumia in the World 5 Castle. The World 5 Castle theme itself isn't too bad either.
    • From A2MT, "The Lullaby".
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Big Squee really is a cute Boo.
  • Fridge Horror: As noted by Pink Kitty Rose, the first fortress is a glue factory. Some glues are made from horse hooves. Raocow often refers to Yoshis as "stupid horses". Now what do you think the lava pool recolored white is supposed to be?
  • That One Level: Trial of Chaos. The mechanic, from a creation standpoint, was a masterpiece, but it's a case of good ideas gone wrong.
    • "Currents"
  • Unfortunate Implications: Charlies have nothing to do with Vietnam.