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  • Complete Monster: Duthbert Mortmain takes the cake.
    • Although Pastor Mortmain in the Salem arc gives him a run for his money.
    • Of course, Mad Dog Branzillo.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Who you're biologically descended from determines whether you're a good, noble person or a racist, power-seizing bastard. Generation after generation. Even if you were adopted -- Gedder and his sister were adopted by a farmer, and Gedder still turns out evil because it's his blood, and Zillie must not be allowed to become the ancestor of Branzillo.
    • Also, from Zyll to Zillie, the protagonist women in the book are overwhelmingly passive, and at best, strong in very "feminine" ways (being mothers, rearing children). Even Meg doesn't do very much except provide moral support to Charles.