A Tale of Two Sisters/Tear Jerker

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  • The scene in which it is revealed that Su-yeon is actually dead. Moo-hyeon's agonised tone of voice when yelling the truth to Su-mi, the latter's stunned and horrified reaction, and Su-yeon's horrified, broken screams as she slowly backs away from her sister, the latter desperately reaching out to her with a "no, no, this can't be true" expression on her face.
  • The ending flashback sequence. Su-yeon is left to die, broken and helpless, with the corpse of her mother for company. There's also the very last shot of the film - Su-mi wanders off into the woods, by herself, but not before taking a glance back at the house, as if she knows something has happened but can't quite imagine what, and the audience knows what's going to come next for the poor girl.
  • Moo-hyeon's entire situation. He lost his wife and his youngest daughter on the same day, and his oldest daughter absolutely hates him for having an affair (or so she believes, as it's never made entirely clear if he and Eun-ju were ever in a relationship in the first place), and he can never get through to her despite his best efforts.

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