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  • Matthew McConaughey's closing speech as Carl Lee Hailey's defence lawyer. He goes into a long, harrowing description of the assault suffered by Hailey's daughter at the hands of the men he would later kill, urging the jury to picture the horrific scene... then confronts the racial issues at the heart of the film by telling them to imagine that she's white. Hailey is unanimously acquitted.
    • Yes, they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in Hell!
  • Chris Cooper as the deputy who lost his leg because of Hailey's attack, yet calls Carl Lee a hero, ending with his passionate cries of "You turn him loose!"
  • At the end of the film, as the sheriff approaches the two Klan leaders who have been terrorizing the town, accompanied by the racist deputy who has been helping them (known to the audience, but presumably unknown to the sheriff)

Sheriff: "Freddie Lee Cobb! We've got something to talk about! Hastings! (Turns to smirking deputy). You belong over there with them."
(Deputy gapes in shock. The sheriff grabs him and shoves him)