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  • Complete Monster: Bellatrix, who was willing to murder an innocent child (her own granddaughter Dio) just because she was descended from Electra.
    • Also, Felicia, who killed her own mother and the cousin she raised since he was an infant.
    • Not to mention the most recent addition to this group, Felicia's pseudo-minion Lillian Tale, who almost succeeded in killing her own daughter Helled so that her favourite child, Howl would be safe from becoming Felicia's next target. This particular plan did not work, but later Lillian did kill her husband Gabriel, again to save Howl from Felicia. In a more recent chapter, Lillian ended up manipulating her granddaughter Morgause into spending the night at the House of Fallen Trees. She then drugged her, leaving the girl in a trance-like state and taking her to an upstairs balcony. This eventually caused Morgause to fall to her death in front of the eyes of her biological mother, Lillian's daughter Helled. This event made Lillian very happy. And, even more recently, Lillian killed her daughter-in-law Rosa without even thinking twice about it, so that Felicia's plan of having Ichabod bear the Grim Reaper's child could come to pass.