A Valley Without Wind/YMMV

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  • Crazy Awesome: An all-out brawl between a Humongous Mecha shooting lightning and fireballs, and an acrobatic Magitek soldier armed with an unlimited supply of boulders...AND THE LATTER WINS.
  • Demonic Spiders: Sea Worms. They're huge (bigger than some minibosses), move freely through the air, are fairly fast even after your attacks cut their speed, have a huge HP pool with no elemental weaknesses, and are immune to knockback. Their only attack is to touch you, but when they do, it does a non-trivial amount of damage. One of these on unfortunate terrain can wreck your day, a group makes combat even on flat ground just miserable. And this fearsome, Implacable Creature of the sidescrolling world isn't rare, either - in fact they're a common spawn, up to half a dozen or so on any ocean-themed chunk. Good luck.