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"Look at this! Rocket-ship Potter! Star-kid Potter! Moon-shoes Potter! Traversing the galaxy for intergalactic travels to Pigfarts!"
Draco Malfoy
"It's gonna be totally awesome!"
Harry Potter and Ron Weasley
And from that moment forward, I picked anything I could find, and I hoisted it over my head, and I ate nothing but protein shakes, falcon eggs, and ROCKS! 'Cause I tell you, girls- it's a man's world out there, and to get ahead, you need to be stronger than a man. You gotta be... A WOMAN!
"And remember, a portkey can be any sort of seemingly harmless object like...a football, or a dolphin."
"Well, I believe that everything has its place. Muggles have their place. Mudbloods have their place. And so. Do. Your. Clothes! Namely, a dresser!