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Alice is Liddell's mom.

The Eld Witch is Liddell's mom.

It would explain why she's able to use the evil rune magic.

Rapunzel is Liddell's mom.

Before the third world, when you meet her ghost, Liddell feels warm and comforted by her presence. Kids often feel the same way around parental figures.

The first playthrough of the game is a coming of age metaphor.

The plot starts when Liddell unseals the Eld Witch, creating a great danger but also unlocking great power within herself; as she progresses, she continues growing stronger and stronger, unlocking more Abyss spells and higher levels of rune, symbolizing her growth from a child into an adult. In the context of the Dream World, Loue and Alice symbolize the Baba Yaga, taking her in and helping her grow into a powerful and self-sufficient adult (Loue's dropping her down the rabbit hole being the end of adolescence); Dayna, Liddell's first ally and a strong supportive force both at the beginning and very end of the game, represents Kitty, Liddell's friend; and the Eld Witch, who mentions that Liddell is one of the Underworlders, represents Liddell's mother, due to being her rightful guardian but seeing no need to care for her.

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