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T-Rex: Well Dromiceiomimus, I guess this really just goes to show you: when you spend a few hours reading up on a financial bookkeeping... there's no ACCOUNTING for what you'll learn!
Utahraptor: T-Rex! You just spent hours learning about accounting for a pun!

T-Rex: I -- I guess!
Hey! The secret to health, happiness, a successful marriage and a booming business is simple. All you need is puns! No more trotting out boring old "Good morning" and "Goodnight". When you greet people, do it with a smile and a bit of horseplay. Try a "Good marening" or a "Goodneight"! Before long, you'll be the most popular punner in the town, neigh, the world! Remember: you'll be galloping your way towards happiness with laughter as your steed.
A Pun-filled Life Is A Fun-Filled Life!, found on Torneko's bookshelf in Dragon Quest IV
Don't worry about making bad chemistry jokes, because all the good ones Argon.

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