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The Power Trio


Our main hero, flawed as he is. Son of the legendary Slickis, he has a lot to live up to... but his Ugly Cuteness, nervous disposition and self-confidence issues combined with his tendency to slack off keep working against him. Still, one shouldn't underestimate him based his looks or personal problems; his scaring skills are nothing to laugh at...


Ickis's best friend and fellow underachiever, a squat, hairy pink monster with free-rolling eyes that he normally carried around in his hands. Cheerful and carefree, he never stressed about scaring as much as his roommates, just enjoying whatever misadventures they got into.


Though her family had enough toenails that she could lounge in the lap of luxury for the rest of her life, Oblina chose to attend the Monster Academy. Since she could pull her insides out, she quickly became top scarer in their class, despite having two of the worst students as her roommates. Frequently tries to get them to take their studies more seriously, and isn't above gloating whenever ignoring her advice gets them in trouble... but isn't above the antics herself, and still considers them her best friends.

Staff Members

The Gromble

Headmaster and head teacher, The Gromble certainly isn't afraid to berate, belittle and punish his students whenever they falter in their scaring or studies. Particularly likes to single out Ickis and his friends -- though admittedly, they do bring a lot of it down on themselves. For all his harshness, he really does care about his students and wants to see them succeed -- even if he has to beat every scrap of hard work out of them!

The Snorch

The Unintelligible monster who handles all the Cool And Unusual Punishments rule-breaking students have to suffer. Very intelligent, with a love for the very same things he uses as punishments, like opera and square dancing. Unfortunately, the communication barrier makes it difficult to share his interests and thoughts with others...


As the only monster capable of understanding The Snorch -- and a craven little coward with a tiny body and no real physical strength of his own -- Zimbo likes to stick close to The Snorch and leech off his fearsome reputation. Also uses his size to his advantage by spying on the students and reporting back to The Gromble.

Parental Units


Ickis's father and the most famous graduate of Monster Academy. Living up to his legacy is quite the responsibility...


Krumm's father, an equally cheerful monster who makes his living as a muck farmer. Has only one eye, and wears a black glove over his empty hand.

  • Curse: Like his son, suffered the effects of the Curse of the Krumm. Unlike his son, was never able to break it, and lost his stench for good.
  • Eye Scream: He attempted to scare people in pre-Revolutionary America, but dropped one of his eyes as a soldier dropped a box of bullets. The soldier grabbed Horvak's eye by mistake, loaded it and... well, it was the Shot Heard Round the World.
  • Eyepatch of Power
  • Generation Xerox
  • Perma-Stubble
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Basically looked like an older version of his son.


Oblina's rich and overbearing mother. She disapproves of her daughter becoming a common scarer, and would much rather see her return to the lap of luxury.


Oblina's meek and submissive father, who only wants to see his wife and daughter happy.

Important Humans

Simon D. Hunter

As his title implies, Simon is a self-declared monster hunter, determined to break the masquerade and prove once and for all that he isn't insane. Develops a very personal grudge against Ickis after the little monster thwarts his plans and keeps humiliating him. His surname and middle initial were given in his expired driver's license in the episode "Battle of the Century."


A somewhat nerdy young boy who became curious about monsters after first encountering them. Briefly became Simon's apprentice; however, when Ickis told him what would happen if monsterkind was revealed to humanity, he promptly helped them escape and became a Secret Keeper.