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Roxy Sorkin, your father just won the Academy Award. I'm going to have to insist on some respect from your guinea pig.

The man behind Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Sports Night and The West Wing. His scripts have many distinctive traits, including a dialogue style known for timing and finesse that has garnered the moniker "Sorkinese". His shows are also notorious for characters walking down hallways while expositing at high speed.

Also has a habit of projecting his personal life into his shows -- duly lampooned on Saturday Night Live (a sketch in which The West Wing‍'‍s characters reenact Sorkin's marijuana hallucinations). Is also known for thinking that a proper Republican is somewhere a few millimeters to the political right of Lenin, which would put his idea of a proper Democrat somewhere to the left of a communist who won't breathe on their own because it would mean not sharing air.

Sorkin also wrote several plays, such as A Few Good Men and screenplays such as the film adaptation of A Few Good Men, The American President, Charlie Wilson's War, The Social Network, for which he won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, and Moneyball.

Now[when?], he has several projects upcoming, including The Politician, a film based on the scandals of the John Edwards presidential campaign, and the HBO TV series The Newsroom, starring Jeff Daniels as a Keith Olbermann-esque TV reporter.

He has a well known on/off relationship with Kristin Chenoweth, and right now[when?] they seem to be off again.

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