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  • Fridge Horror: McDougal was attacked and bitten by Talbott, and survived. So, by the rules established in The Wolf Man, McDougal is doomed to become a werewolf. At least Larry has the moral sense to try to prevent his hurting anyone while transformed. Can you imagine a loudmouthed, self-important, abusive Jerkass like McDougal as a lycanthrope? Not a pretty picture...
    • Yes, but remember, McDougal didn't change at the end, unlike Larry. Maybe Larry's version of the werewolf curse isn't infectious?
    • Or else he's already such a monster in behavior that any further change is negligible.
  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: In a scene set immediatly after Talbot first shows up, Chuck and Wilbur walk into his room the morning after he wolfs out and find it completely wrecked. Chuck comments, "Man, what a bender he was on!" In Real Life Lon Chaney had a drinking problem and, according to the film commentary, spent his weekends getting drunk and getting into room-smashing brawls with a friend.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Vincent Price's cameo in the end is even funnier now than it was back then. While Price had starred in The Invisible Man Returns it wasn't actually a horror film, and Price was not known at the time as a Horror star. It wouldn't be till 5 years after this movie that Price was in his first Horror film, House of Wax, and it wouldn't be till another 5 years until he began to regularly star in them. Today, Price's cameo feels like the passing of the torch from one generation of Horror film stars to the next.