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Above the Law is a Gangsta Rap group that emerged as protegees of Dr. Dre and signed to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records. Particularly group leader Cold 187um (also known as Big Hutch), who was Dre's understudy, and claims to have created the G-Funk sound for which Dre was subsequently credited for, with Above The Law's 1992 album Black Mafia Life, which was released before Dre's The Chronic and similarly featured a mix of Gangsta Raps and Funk influence.

After Eazy-E's death, the group moved to Tommy Boy Records, and later, ironically enough, to Death Row Records. Not surprisingly, things didn't work out too well at Death Row, and the album they were supposed to be released on that label didn't come out until 2009 when it was Saved From Development Hell (a single from the album was released in 2002).

You might recognize Above The Law's music from a variety of media appearances. For example, Pump Up the Volume, Pineapple Express and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas all featured Above The Law songs. Meanwhile, Insane Clown Posse paid tribute to the group by rewriting "Murder Rap" in their own style.

Cold 187um has had a successful solo career, releasing four solo albums to date, with a fifth on the way. As Big Hutch, he toured with Psychopathic Records artists, and later signed with that label.


Albums by Above The Law

  • Livin' Like Hustlers
  • Vocally Pimpin
  • Black Mafia Life
  • Uncle Sam's Curse
  • Time Will Reveal
  • Legends
  • Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One
  • Sex, Money & Music

Albums by Cold187um

  • Executive Decisions
  • Live from the Ghetto
  • Fresh Out The Pen
  • Only God Can Judge Me
  • The Only Solution