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  • Complete Monster: Zagon is a complete bastard to everyone he meets; first time we meet him he's torturing Vietamese farmers to death for messing with his opium fields, and the only time he smiles is the Slasher Smile when he's doing it. He has a church blow up and tortures a priest. His Offstage Villainy in particular is horrifying as he forces children to watch him mutilate people, and sometimes mutilated the children. And to top it off he really does believe he's "above the law" and has the connections and resources to back it up, to the point he can get away with treason and murder. A nasty piece of work through and through.
  • He Really Can Act: While hardly Oscar material, it's still surprising to compare this movie to Seagal's later work. He actually shows range and emotion for one thing. The superior script (compared to what was to come at least) deserves a nod as well.