Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

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He fights zombies.

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is a 2012 action/horror/historical mashup made by The Asylum, as a Mockbuster designed to cash in on the release of the film adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It stars Jason Oberst, Jr. as Abraham Lincoln, who is interrupted while in the process of writing the Gettysburg Address with news of a failed attempt to take a Confederate fort. The sole survivor, who is in the process of turning into a zombie, describes how his squad was decimated by undead Union and Confederate soldiers who "ate their flesh". Knowing straighaway that zombeis are the cause, Abe decides to lead a crack squad of Secret Service men to investigate the fort and take it back from the undead menace.

The movie, despite being a particularly bad offender of Anachronism Stew and a blatant ripoff of the Seth Grahame-Smithe book and movie, is surprisingly not that bad as far as movies from The Asylum go. This is likely due to the influence of director Richard Schenkman, best known for previously making the sci-fi picture The Man From Earth.

Tropes used in Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies include:

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