Abusive Parents/Advertising

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  • There's a series of Jell-o pudding commercials that feature parents punishing their children for stealing it for themselves in ways that can only be described as this. One of them has a mother telling her daughter a story which is a not-so-disguised threat that she'll take her daughter's favorite things (a bike, her teddy bear) and throw them away until the girl gives her the empty containers. Another is told in nursery-rhyme style, featuring a little girl who is sent to work at a coal mine for stealing a pudding. The later is ambiguous enough so one doesn't know if the child is merely being threatened or if she's already been sent away. There was another ad where two parents scare their children lifeless over the pudding, giving a campfire-story threat involving the "Chocobeast."
  • This ridiculously disturbing Skittles commercial. Makes you wonder what the suits who greenlighted this thought about what image it gave of their company...
    • Fun fact, the woman playing the mother there is notorious for playing abusive shrews on shows. Her most evil one? Anita from Criminal Minds episode "Mosley Lane".