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  • Ah, Tsukihime, what form of angst don't you have. One of the characters is the seemingly cheerful and carefree maid Kohaku. Spending her childhood locked in a room and being raped daily by her master, Shiki's adoptive father Makihisa Tohno, and doing so to protect her twin sister Hisui from being raped as well, made her a literal Emotionless Girl: she put on on a horrible cheery mask to hide her (lack of) feelings (while Hisui became a melancholic Shrinking Violet who feigned emotionlessness to not perturb her further), and in some routes of the game, she plots to kill every member of the Tohno Family as revenge.
    • Some? Just because you never see the effects in the other routes doesn't mean she wasn't doing it. As a VN, it makes the most sense to assume that everything's exactly the same in all the routes except for those things which are changed by the player's choices.
      • Things aren't exactly the same in all the routes, though. The Near Side and Far Side routes seem to be almost completely separate, as shown by the differences displayed by SHIKI. In the Near Side routes he is the vampire Roa reincarnated and does not seem to have a psychic link with Shiki, where in the Far Side routes he is evil/crazy because of the Tohno inversion impulse and has a mind link with Shiki. Not to mention he looks completely different in the two scenarios.
  • Also, Fate/stay night has Sakura Matou, who has a very similar backstory to Kohaku. While Zouken subjects her "only" to Training from Hell and the Matou crest worms, her stepbrother Shinji rapes her repeteadly.
    • Her adoptive uncle Kariya Matou was a victim of the same sort of Training from Hell via the crest worms, partially because Complete Monster patriarch of the Matou family Zouken liked to watch him suffer.
  • Jigoro Hakamichi, Shizune and Hideaki's father, of Katawa Shoujo. He not only frequently insults his children, Shizune's friends and the student council, but also has refused to learn sign language to speak with his deaf daughter, and has tried for 12 years to get Shizune to learn how to speak, unwilling to accept that she is unable to do so.
  • Kara no Shoujo had Shinji's parents and Yaginuma's father.
  • While really more of an Abusive Uncle, Complete Monster Teppei Hojo from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni definitely fits this trope. He beats Satoko and forces her to do chores for him, threatening to burn down her beloved brother's room if she doesn't comply. It's revealed later on that he's also a pimp, and is engaged in a fraud scheme with one of his working girls (Rina Mamiya) to scam half a million yen out of Rena's father. Teppei's fate changes in each of the arcs he appears in, and none of them are pretty. He is murdered by Keiichi in Tatarigoroshi-hen; murdered by Rena in Tsumihoroboshi-hen; murdered by Rena, Keiichi, and Shion (all together) in Tsukiotoshi-hen; and arrested by Child Services in Minagoroshi-hen.
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni has the Ushiromiya Clan, who perfectly shows the generational effect of bad and abusive parenting.
    • The most obviously abusive parent is Rosa, who tends to lose patience with her daughter Maria quite often, and when she isn't verbally and physically abusive she is extremely neglectful, leaving the kid alone for days while she spends weekends in "work travels" (actually weekends with her lover). It's even noted that Social Services had been called, but they have their hands tied. Because Rosa alternates her abusive episodes with over-caring and spoiling ones, Maria has compartmentalized her mistreatment as the belied that her mommy is periodically possessed by an evil witch.
    • Rosa probably learned from her father Kinzo, who was constantly scornful of his four legitimate children and treated her specially badly. While he treated his illegitimate daughter Beatrice II somewhat better, he still raised her in isolation, never actually disclosed their parentage, and eventually sexually abused her due to her looks being extremely similar to her mother's