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Student: Hey, where do I get my books?
Bartleby: Just order them online. We've got a deal with Amazon.

  • Dawson Casting: Justin Long is playing just graduated high school student ten years after he graduated from high school.
  • Straw Man Has a Point: Bartleby is rejected by every college, so he ends up inventing one out of thin air. The thing spins out of control and becomes an actual, factual school set out of an old mental institution. Dean Van Horne at the more traditional Harmon College wages an accreditation jihad against the upstart. He's a Jerkass, and the new school (with its emphasis on the students) is presented as a brave bastion of new educational methods. But as he points out, the new place doesn't have a health center, more than one faculty member or even a library. One doesn't have to be a crusty old academic to argue that a college should at least have a library.
  • Vindicated by Cable: Thank you, Comedy Central.