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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All

Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

  • Fragrance of Black Coffee.
  • The Phoenix Wright 3 Special Blend Mix is a Crowning Remix Medley of Awesome.
  • Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright) - Cornered! Orchestra Chronology is a medley of the first three games' "Cornered" themes. Orchestrated. And it is undeniably awesome.
  • The Reminiscence themes are widely considered to be some of the best tracks in the Ace Attorney games. A couple of the best among those being Shadow on the Bridge and The Bitter Taste of Truth.
    • Shadow on the Bridge is not only awesome, but it's an effective Tear Jerker.
  • Elise Deauxnim's/Misty Fey's theme: Gentle Melody. Does a nice job of portraying Elise as a kind, gentle woman, as the name of the song implies.
  • Being the final game in the original trilogy, the court themes for Trials & Tribulations have a strong sense of finality to them that make the atmosphere of the court heavier than at any other point in the series. In particular, the trial music playing immediately after Godot delivers his Tears of Blood quote over silence at the tail end of the final case sent chills down my spine. Best musical cue in the entire series to date. The new version in Ace Attorney Investigations marks Noriyuki Iwadare as my favorite music director in the series. They could have used the original theme for reference, but instead they used my personal favorite.
    • The remix used in the end credits medley of Trials and Tribulations gets a lot more epic, and in some ways sad. Partially cause the last case cemented Wright's career and role as a respectable attorney, but also being that its the last game in the Phoenix Trilogy and probably the last game that will ever allow us to take his role as the main character of the series, leaving behind all the people and adventures for one hell of a great memory. Makes you wonder exactly what has happened with all the characters since those seven years in the canon timeline and if we'll be seeing them again in the future installments.
  • The Dahlia Hawthorne's Theme: "Distant Traces of Beauty". A calm, deeply nostalgic theme, although mysterious, which hides the real Complete Monster she's inside. When you think about it, the song shows quite well how pathetic she really is.
  • Tthe sad, slow songs in the series like the DL-6 and SL-9 Reminiscences, and especially for Tournabout Sisters Ballade, but the one that takes home the prize for most heart-rending is the Trials and Tribulations Epilogue. And the Gyakuten Saiben Orchestra version.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

  • The Examination themes from Apollo Justice were fantastic, too. And Guilty Love. And Child Of Magic. And... heck, almost the entirety of the AJ OST.
    • According to the composer, Guilty Love, Klavier Gavin's theme, came to him in a dream. It's so awesome that it's apparently the only song the Gavinners ever play.
    • Examination is awesome. Perceive is Examination on acid. Makes the Perceive all the more surreal.
    • Don't forget its Cornered theme. What makes it so great to listen to, especially to fans who played the first game, is that it sounds like an updated remix of the first one. In fact, a combination of both surpasses 9001 on the Objection scale.
    • There's also Announce the Truth 2007, which is much shorter than the others, but is pretty damn catchy.
  • The magical Troupe Gramarye.
  • Apollo Justice may not have a lot of love like Phoenix Wright does, but no one can deny that his cornered theme totally rocks.
  • Solitary Confinement ~ Darkness Theme. This perfectly suits the scene of Phoenix and Kristoph's confrontation in prison, and Kristoph's general attitude, as well as being damned catchy.
  • In the first case when Phoenix objects and his old school, 8 bit theme starts playing.
  • The new Suspense theme is rather short and simple, but you can't help but feel a chill go down you spine when it plays. A very worthy successor to the Phoenix Wright Suspense theme.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Ace Attorney Investigations 2

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