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    Because the Ace Attorney cases are Always Murder, there's always at least one victim. Most have a face and a name, but other than that there are almost never any tropes associated with them. Regardless, we're striving for 100% completion here, they'll just be shoved aside here.

    Most, if not all of the victims on this page display the following tropes:

    • Asshole Victim: More than a few.
    • Posthumous Character: Other than a few exceptions the most notable being Mia Fey, the victims are never met by the protagonist before they die.


    • Mia Fey (see Characters/Defense Attorneys and Assistants)
    • Gregory Edgeworth (see Characters/Defense Attorneys and Assistants)
    • Magnifi Gramarye (see Troupe Gramarye)
    • Manosuke Naitō (see Witnesses And Other Characters)

    Cindy Stone (Mika Takabi)

    Cindy 2055.png

    The first known girlfriend of Casanova Wannabe Larry Butz, who was murdered in her own apartment by a panicking thug. Possibly the only girl who ever reciprocated Larry's feelings.

    Jack Hammer (Takeshi Ibukuro)

    Hammer 2465.png

    Former big-name star of Global Studios. His final role was as the Evil Magistrate on The Steel Samurai.

    Robert Hammond (Yukio Namakura)

    Hammond 527.png

    An attorney that once worked at Grossberg Law Offices. An Amoral Attorney that doesn't care whether his clients are guilty or not.

    • Amoral Attorney: He managed to get Yanni Yogi off with an insanity plea, but ruined his life in the process.
    • Asshole Victim
    • Posthumous Character: Like every victim in the Ace Attorney series, he's mentioned every time in the trial, and the job of the player is to find the truth behind his death.

    Bruce Goodman (Michio Tadashiki)

    Goodman 5329.png

    A detective that was in charge of the SL-9 case.

    Neil Marshall (Naoto Zaimon)

    Neil marshal 3058.png

    Jake's younger brother, and was the "King of Prosecutors" two years ago. He was the initial prosecutor on the SL-9 case.

    • Death by Origin Story: Said to have been killed by Joe Darke. Case 5 involves you solving both his murder two years ago and Bruce Goodman's more recent killing.
    • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: After the fight with Darke concluded, Gant took Neil's body and impaled it on the statue in the office.
    • Posthumous Character: Deceased prior to Case 5, though still plot-important.
    • Punny Name: He and his brother both dressed as cowboys, so they're "Marshall"s.
    • Youngest Child Wins: According to Jake, the smarter of the Marshall brothers.

    Joe Darke (Joe Aokage)

    Darke 2686.png

    The defendant of the SL-9 case, and a serial murderer. Yet despite the circumstances, there wasn't any decisive evidence against him. But when he killed Prosecutor Marshall and a bit of forged evidence, courtesy of Gant, Edgeworth was able to get him a guilty verdict.

    Dustin Prince (Mamoru Machio)

    Mugshot-dustin 4744.png

    Maggey's former boyfriend, and also a police officer.

    Turner Grey (Tetsuo Kirisaki)

    Grey 5678.png

    A doctor whose clinic had an accident that resulted in 14 patients dying. Something of a prick and easily excitable. He also hates the weather girl. He's the first victim who meets Phoenix in the same case before getting killed.

    • Asshole Victim: At the very least, he doesn't have a nice personality. On top of that, it's possible that his overworking of Mimi may have caused her to make the mistake that resulted in 14 deaths. He even brought a gun to a spirit channelling, implying that he was prepared to call a girl back from the dead to sign a confession at gunpoint if she wasn't cooperative.
    • Berserk Button: In Phoenix's own words: "Talking about the weather with this guy is asking for punishment..."
    • Captain Obvious: "My clinic isn't seeing nearly as many patients nowadays. Do you understand what that means!? It means they're not coming to my clinic!"
    • Dr. Jerk
    • Getting Crap Past the Radar: He adjusts his glasses with his middle finger. Even in the Western versions.
    • Hair-Trigger Temper
    • Jerkass Has a Point: While he is a jerk and has a largely selfish motive for wanting Mimi to confess to her wrongdoing, it's implied that he is right and that she was the one at fault.
    • Never Speak Ill of the Dead: Averted. His motive for having Mimi summoned is to make her admit that she caused the incident in which 14 patients died.
    • No Indoor Voice: He can't go a scene without yelling.
    • Punny Name:
      • His hair is brown with a greying fringe, hence turning grey. Alternatively 'Turn her grey' in regards to worrying Mimi. His Japanese name combines it with Names to Run Away from Really Fast: it translates to "slicing and cutting", and the "tetsu" in his given name can mean "iron".
      • His name is also likely a reference to Dr George Grey Turner, an English surgeon. Grey-Turner sign is a type of bruising from intra-abdominal bleeding, which can be caused by trauma... such as car accidents.

    Mimi Miney (actually Ini Miney) (Mimi Hanaka/Nodoka Hanaka)

    Mugshot-mimi 8449.png

    A nurse that worked under Dr. Grey. Was supposedly the nurse that killed the fourteen patients. Then, a week later, she died in a car crash. Check the Characters/Witnesses and Other Characters for more info on how the Ini/Mimi game is played out.

    Russell Berry (Naota Tachimi)

    The former Ringleader of the Berry Big Circus, and Max's employer.

    Russel 9285.png
    • Camp Straight: He owns quite the sizable makeup collection, with Maya even commenting on how "Metrosexual" it was.
    • Nice Guy: He was by all accounts a wonderful, generous, friendly man who just about everyone in the Berry Big Circus loved dearly with Acro and Bat even looking up to him as a father figure after he adopted them. In fact, his death was a total accident on Acro's part: he was aiming to kill Regina instead, and when he realized that it was Russel who died instead, he was so eaten up with guilt that he seriously contemplated suicide. The only really negative thing you could say about him is that the way he raised Regina ended up making her far too naive for her own good.
    • Papa Wolf: A minor example, but when he realized that Acro was expressing murderous intent towards Regina and wanted to confront her, he went to see him in her place, presumably to talk things over with Acro so no one would be hurt.
    • Posthumous Character


    Bat 8722.png

    OK, so technically, he's still alive. But he's in a coma, and he ain't waking up any time soon. In any case, he's Acro's younger brother and has (or had) a crush on Regina. His real name is Sean Dingling (Ippei Kinoshita).

    Juan Corrida (Isao Fujimino)

    Juan 2732.png

    The Rival to Matt Engarde in all things. He had a thing for bears, evidently.

    • Always Second Best: To Matt Engarde. Even in jackassery.
    • Asshole Victim: Let's see. Calling off his marriage to Celeste just because she used to be hooked up with Matt - and that before she even met him - , forging a suicide note to expose all of Matt's misdeeds, therefore ostensibly using her suicide to fuel the fire in his rivalry with Matt... Yeah, that's a pretty dickish attitude. He's got nothing on Matt though.
      • Actually, it's implied that he was just as bad as Matt, it's just that Matt happened to hire an assassin first.
    • Posthumous Character

    Celeste Inpax (Yurie Amano)

    Celeste 7895.png

    Juan's former manager and ex-fiancée. She was also Matt's former manager and ex and Adrian's mentor. The first aversion to Never Suicide.

    Doug Swallow (Kikuzo Nonda)

    Mugshot-doug 1691.png

    Would've been Phoenix's fellow alumnus of Ivy University had he not tragically died. He was a chemistry nut and Dahlia's ex. That said, it's no wonder he got killed...

    • Asshole Victim: Subversion. Phoenix stupidly claims that he was a "stuck-up British wanna-be", but the truth is that Doug died because he tried to give Phoenix a very important warning about his girlfriend.
    • Posthumous Character

    Kane Bullard (Kurobee Busujima)

    Kane 3891.png

    A Corrupt Corporate Executive and the CEO of KB Security, which was in charge of security during all the Mask☆DeMasque heists.

    Glen Elg (Takao Oka)

    Glen 8816.png

    A genius programmer that worked for Blue Screens, Inc. He had a fatal gambling addiction and created the virus MC Bomber to pay off his debts to The Tiger, and won five hundred grand in the lottery before kicking the bucket.

    Valerie Hawthorne (Yuki Miyanagi)

    Valerie 4731.png

    Dahlia's step-sister and a former police sergeant. She was the one who arrested and got Terry convicted. Dahlia killed her.

    Elise Deauxnim (Elise Tenryusai)

    Elice 9346.png

    A famous illustrator and picture book author with an unknown past. Larry made her his teacher after he read her book. The exact opposite of Oldbag in personality. She also has the dubious honor of being the only victim to have a Leitmotif ("Simple Melody"). Her real name is Misty Fey.

    Shadi Smith (Kagero Urafushi)

    Kagerou 2965.png

    A mysterious traveler and skilled poker player. That's about it. Oh, and his real name is Shadi Enigmar a.k.a. Zak Gramarye. See the Troupe Gramarye character page for a more detailed description.

    • Alliterative Name
    • Asshole Victim: During the poker game, he hit the dealer with a bottle in a fit of rage.
      • In addition, he was in cahoots with the dealer, who tried to slip a card into Wright's pocket so that he could search him afterward, in order to find the card; this set up was meant to "expose" Wright as a cheater, ruining his reputation as legendary poker player. When the plan failed, he struck his dealer with a bottle. Funnily enough, Wright actually DOES cheat, but he uses a different method.
    • Meaningful Name/Punny Name: "Shady Enigma".
    • Posthumous Character: Killed in the beginning, but you get to meet him in the flashback case.

    Pal Meraktis (Teruo Ukari)

    Pal 1533.png

    A surgeon that made a fortune via making illegal deals with the mob. Was killed while dragging a noodle stand.

    • Asshole Victim: If he'd checked Alita's vital signs like a proper doctor, he would have been the killer in his case rather than the victim. He also botched Wocky's surgery and fibbed to Big Wins about the results when the poor kid was basically terminal.
    • Back-Alley Doctor: His trade is performing surgery for the mob and other criminals who wouldn't want accounts of their (presumably) crime-related injuries entering the authorities' records.
    • Dr. Jerk
    • Expy: Has quite a bit in common with Turner Grey. They're both jerkass doctors who are the victim of the second case of their respective games, that were killed by a gunshot to the head and they were both killed by nurses that used to work for them that left their clinics as a result of malpractice.
    • Punny Name: Pal Meraktis. Malpractice.
      • In relation to his rival, Pal and Guy.
    • The Rival: To Guy Eldoon, with whom he competed with until the poor guy was forced to close his clinic as Pal's took all of his clients.

    Romein LeTouse

    Romaine1 9191.png

    Lamiroir's manager and interpreter also a member of the International Police.

    • Punny Name: Romein LeTouse = Romaine Lettuce (which happens to be the Japanese name of this character)

    Drew Misham (Doburoku Ese)

    Drew Misham mugshot 1561.png

    A starving artist (so to speak) and Vera's father. He is privately known as an expert forger --or rather, his daughter is. But he was the forger to the public to protect his daughter. It worked... sorta.

    • Asshole Victim: His motive and personality may be sympathetic, but he was a bigger menace to society than some of the murderers in Justice For All. When painting and doing illustrations wasn't enough to support himself and his daughter, he turned to forging paintings. Apparently, that wasn't enough either because he then accepted a $100,000 offer to forge a page from a dying man's diary, which was intended to be used to frame someone for murder. He appears to be remorseful about this to the point of admitting it in court to clear up the confusion it caused, but then he repeats his crime of forging evidence again and again. His daughter almost died because of someone she came into contact with because her father used her as an Unwitting Pawn by getting her to forge things.
    • Reclusive Artist

    Buddy Faith (Shinji Nakamado)

    Sinji mugshot 3214.png

    A detective working with Jacques Portsman. Died when coming upon Jacques ransacking Edgeworth's office.

    • The Cameo: He's modeled after Ace Attorney Investigations's director Tsuyoshi Yamazaki.
      • Death by Cameo: Mr. Yamzaki actually asked the designer to tweak Buddy's appareance a bit. Apparently, he didn't feel comfortable seeing himself as a body.
    • Couldn't Find a Pen: Subverted: it was Portsman who wrote Gumshoe's name.
    • Nice Hat: As can be seen in the picture. It's even in his ID.
    • Punny Name: His Japanese name comes from the phrase "nakama to shinjiteiru" meaning "I trust him as a friend" or "I believe he is a friend." The English name reflects this.

    Akbey Hicks

    Gkakbey 2325.png

    An Interpol agent assigned to pair with Franziska on the investigation of the smuggling ring, but died before making contact.

    Oliver Deacon (Masumi Ogura)

    Gkogura 6101.png

    Butler to Amano family and Lance's tutor. Real name Colin Devorae. (Sumio Kurama) Is an escaped convict, one of the three behind the kidnapping plan, and Lauren's father. Was Taking the Heat for the Amano Group's ties to the smuggling ring.

    • Asshole Victim: Subverted. We think he was killed because he didn't want to share the money, but it turns out that he was forced to take the heat for Ernest Amano, and was implied to have been blackmailed by his son into cooperating on the fake kidnapping.
    • Disappeared Dad: To Lauren Paups.
    • Papa Wolf: It's suggested that Lance was threatening to harm Lauren if Colin didn't help with the fake kidnapping, which is why he suddenly attacked him in the fun house.
    • Posthumous Character
    • Significant Anagram: His real name and alias.
    • Taking the Heat: Forced to take responsibility for the Amano Group's ties to the smuggling ring.

    Mack Rell (Tohru Makari)

    Mack Rell 9701.png

    Murder suspect of killing of Deid Mann. Originally claimed to be Yatagarasu, but then rightfully accused Byrne Faraday of being one instead.

    Byrne Faraday (see Prosecutors And Law Enforcement Officers)

    Deid Mann

    Deid Mann 8260.png

    Cohdopia Embassy staff who was murdered by Mack Rell.

    Cece Yew (Yuko Kazura)

    The victim from the KG-8 case. Former Amano group member. Was killed in her apartment (on Det. Badd's watch) before being able to testify in court about the smuggling ring.

    Manny Coachen

    Manny mugshot 4395.png

    A suspect in KG-8 case after killing Cece Yew, but let go due to lack of evidence. Worked as secretary to Colias Palaeno while secretly still working for the smuggling ring. Tried to become leader of the smuggling ring by limiting Quercus Alba's power.

    • Asshole Victim: Probably one of the worst in the game, since he was a murderer himself.
    • The Dragon: To the smuggling ring leader, later to become The Starscream.
    • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Seen as one by Palaeno.
    • Never Bring a Knife to A Fist Fight: He probably brought Alba's "frail, hunched, tree-like old man" act and thought of him as a easy target. A mistake that proved to be lethal.
    • Not Proven: He was never convicted of Cece's murder because the smuggling ring stole the evidence. By the time Badd stole it back, it was too late to be used in court.
    • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections: The reason he got off the hook for murder. This is what kickstarted the Yatagarasu.
    • The Starscream: Tries to ensure that Alba would not become Cohdopia's ambassador when it reunited by stealing the Primidux Statue and trying to kill Alba, but ends up dead instead.

    Ka-Shi Nou (Aoi Akaishi)

    Ka-Shi Nou 4837.png

    Mask?DeMasque II in name only. Was hired by Manny Coachen to steal Allebahst Primidux Statue (the real one).

    • Gonk: Is noticeably very fat when his face portrait is seen. It's not as noticeable when in his costume.
    • NEET: Is out of work and wanted for larceny.
    • Punny Name: "Cash Now".
      • Alternately, "casino".

    Gai Tojiro

    Gai 163.png

    The head bodyguard of Teikun Ō. He was killed out of jealousy.

    Teikun Ō

    Teikun 2793.png

    The first (actually last) victim of Gyakuten Kenji 2, and the president of Zheng Fa. The first time it was actually a faked assassination attempt, for the purpose of making his people think he is brave. But he then dies in the final case.

    Isaku Hyōdō (actually Paul Holic)

    Isaku 8588.png

    A French sculptor, who collaborated with Yutaka Kazami in the dessert-making contest as a pastry chef. He betrayed him and had his son Manosuke tie up Kazami's son so that he couldn't help him in the contest. Afterwards, he caught him stealing Tenkai's recipe which could temporarily give him the ability to taste, which he lacked. Isaku found out about this and tried to blackmail him, so he was killed.

    Tsubasa Kagome

    Kagome 2991.png

    A defense attorney who investigated Bansai Ichiyanagi's illegal activities. She confronted him in private. He killed her straight away. She was supposed to defend Marī Miwa in trial when she was suspected of murder.

    • Curtains Match the Window: Brown hair and brown eyes.
    • Dead Man's Chest: She was hidden in a truck in the evidence storage area.
    • It's Personal: She suspected that Bansai killed her boyfriend.
    • Meaningful Name: Her name could mean "a bird in a cage", which is a reference to Kagome Kagome, a Japanese children's game.
      • A question in the rhyme is "who is behind the falling of the turtle and the crane" - who is about to stab her in the back. Her boyfriend represents the "turtle", and the person who is behind his falling is Bansai Ichiyanagi, the same person who killed her.
    • Posthumous Character: The same as Robert Hammond. Miles's job is to find the truth behind her death.
    • Sweet Polly Oliver: Someone else dressed her up like that, however.
    • Unwitting Pawn: To Sarushiro.

    Ami Aizawa

    Shimon's mother. She had an affair with the president of Zheng Fa. She worked at the orphanage "Happy Family" with Marī Miwa. She died when Shimon was 8, so her cousin, the judge Hakari Mikagami, adopted him.

    Ryūji Kamei

    Kamei 4590.png

    A freelance journalist who died 12 years ago. He was the only known victim in the SS-5 Incident. He and his lover, the defense attorney Tsubasa Kagome were investigating Bansai Ichiyanagi, whom they suspected of secretly selling evidence.

    Bright Bonds (Hikaru Shinjou)

    Belle's old boyfriend and the victim in "Turnabout with the Wind" in the manga. He was thought to have been killed by Larry out of jealousy when he kept pursuing Belle despite being married, but Belle wanted him back and killed him when he refused.

    • Alliterative Name: In English, Bright Bonds.
    • Asshole Victim: Payne speculates that he got killed because he was committing adultery, lampshading it as he talks about infidelity harming more people than those involved, but it’s subverted when it turns out that he was killed because he wouldn’t.
    • Love Martyr: In spite of knowing that Belle killed him, he went into a men’s only sauna before he died, possibly to ensure that Belle would not be charged. Phoenix suspects that he still cared for her in spite of everything he said.
    • Named After Somebody Famous: He’s a sports fanatic who shares the same last name as Barry Bonds.
    • Posthumous Character
    • Your Cheating Heart: Subverted, he refused to accept Belle’s advances because he had a family, and got killed for it.

    Eddie Johnson (Jirou Kimura)

    A talented employee at Cyber Project who was rude to his superiors and arrogant, and also was in a relationship with Lira Wolfe. Robin Wolfe called Eddie in to have a talk with him, which resulted in him torturing him with spiders, leading him to commit suicide. This led to Robin being suspected of killing Eddie, since he was the last person Eddie saw.

    Robin Wolfe (Akamune Komori)

    President of Cyber Project, he hires Phoenix to defend him when he comes under suspicion of murdering Eddie Johnson. He ends up getting killed himself in "Turnabout Gallows", and Phoenix is hired to defend Bobby when he’s charged with Robin’s murder.

    • Asshole Victim: The kind that almost everyone in the area at the time of the murder hated enough to have a motive for wanting him dead. His daughter hates him for driving Eddie to his death, Brock suspects that he killed Eddie and, Bobby secretly resents how he's being pushed to the side and seen as worthless.
    • Bait and Switch Boss: He's initially the potential defendant in Turnabout Gallows until he becomes the victim.
    • Bald of Evil: A fairly shiny one.
    • Big Fancy House: The owner of one, due to his profession.
    • Dying Clue: Double subversion. The police investigate his drawing of a spider, thinking that it's related to the "spider man" that was threatening him, but Phoenix points out he merely draws what is in front of him when he needs to come up with an idea. It turns out that the spider was drawn upside down, and he unwittingly provided evidence that he was being restrained on the ceiling.
    • Jerkass: Has essentially alienated his wife and daughter. Interestingly enough, however, he’s surprisingly nice to Phoenix.
    • Karmic Death: Being restrained in a chair, tricked into thinking that Eddie was back from the dead, as a spider man on the ceiling, and then essentially tricked into killing himself by falling to his death (the same way Eddie killed himself).
    • Never Speak Ill of the Dead: Averted with Eddie, whom he derides for being "weak" for committing suicide, and even laughed about driving him to his death.
    • Pet the Dog: Subverted; he claims that he sent Bobby to San Francisco to give him working experience and confidence, but Brock's statements suggest that he wanted him away from home so that he could take Eddie to the Den of Spiders (which also seems like a considerable investment out of love for his brother, but also keeps Bobby out of sight). However, he has an arguably straight example, when toward the end of the trial, Lira recalls a fond memory of him drawing her picture.
    • Unreliable Expositor: He claims that Lira had no relationship with Eddie, but she makes it clear later that she loved him. He also denies Bobby is his brother and claims that he’s a servant when he doesn’t have any servants. It’s thus difficult to believe his claim that he knew nothing of Eddie’s arachnophobia.

    Flip Chambers (Junpei Ichinomiya)

    The actor who plays Twinklestar. He was formerly In a relationship with Julie Henson until he left her for someone else. He was going to replace Raymond Spume as Sparklestar, which is the real reason he was killed in "Turnabout Showtime".

    • Big Ol' Eyebrows: His resemble Sparklestar's, to the point at which Maya is surprised when he isn't the one in the costume.
    • Gorn: Both sides of the costume and his clothes are soaked with blood. Unlike some of the other stabbings in the series, the killer did not leave the weapon in or wipe up the blood.
    • Locked Room Mystery: He was stabbed in the chest, without the front of the costume being pierced. He couldn’t have opened the costume (which is zipped from the back) from the inside, and none of the mascots can hold anything in their hands, leaving Julie as the only suspect. All this, however, only applies if the costumes are not worn backwards, as he and his killer did.
    • Meaningful Name: His Japanese name means "one palace", which the translators changed to "chambers" to preserve the reference to the Locked Room Mystery.
    • Pointless Band-Aid: On his nose.
    • Red Herring: It’s noted that he and Julie are not on the best of terms, as he dumped her for someone else. This never comes up a second time, and she is innocent of his murder.
    • The Show Must Go On: One explanation for his going back on stage despite being fatally stabbed.
    • Working with the Ex: He and Julie have not reconciled after their breakup.

    Oracle Hecate (Oracle Reika)

    A fortune teller who is the "gatekeeper" of the "Gates of Hell" a.k.a. the Nether World. Her prophecies come from the Lord of Death. She's the victim in "Turnabout Prophecy".

    • Asshole Victim
    • Continuity Nod: The chant she told Russi to say (Larmawiledlanmag Mamaxmatphoe Romagteriri) are really small parts of all the defendants' names from the first game to the third one.
    • Fortune Teller: Her profession.
    • Gonk: It's actually pretty normal here considering that she's a fortune teller.
    • Jerkass: She's described as a terrible human being by Saito. Also, she's like that with some of her customers.
    • Literal-Minded: When Cytherea suggested that she should lock herself up and nail all the entrances to the booth, she took it seriously.
    • Locked Room Mystery: Both the front door and the back door are locked and Russi was supposedly the only one there besides herself. You can unlock the back door through the hole in the Gates of Hell though.
    • Nice Hat: A pink hat.
    • Now That's Using Your Teeth: When she's nailing the entrance via ventilation system.
    • Phony Psychic: She's really in league with Cytherea to make it look like her fortune-telling is 100% accurate.
    • Posthumous Character: Kind of. She's only ever seen in-person from Russi's point of view, but Phoenix never actually met her.
    • The Precious Precious Car: Don't even think about touching her death sickle.
    • Super Strength: She practically slammed the doors of all the booths when she found about her death sickle being touched.

    Buck Wheatley (Nihachi Kanenari)

    The former president of Buckwheat Palace and Diana's father, who had an allergy to buck wheat.

    • Abusive Parents: He often vented his anger on his daughter, and his outbursts were so violent that she even feared she'd die more than once.
    • Asshole Victim: He was quite an unpleasant person, but it turns out his death was accidental, rather than a murder.
    • One Steve Limit: Wheatley and Montana share the same given name.
    • Punny Name: Comes from "buck wheat", the stuff that made him rich and ironically caused his death.
    • Villain with Good Publicity: Covers up many of his underhanded deeds and the kidnapping on Vale, as well as the fact that she's the daughter of his mistress.
    • Your Cheating Heart: Had an affair and through it, had Diana.

    Vale Wheatley (Kasumi Kanenari)

    Buck's wife and Diana's mother or so Diana thinks due to the birth certificate being switched. She died in an accident when Diana was four years old.

    Milo "Fairplay" Kent (Justice Masayoshi)

    One of the contestants on the Gourmand Battle show.