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Authors, and Websites

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Fanfiction Archive by various authors

  • Part of most widely used fanfiction site in the world.
    • Many different genres available: Angst, romance, humour, drama... etc.
    • Crossovers also available... some of them might just surprise you.
    • All fanfics are age rated (K, K+, T, M) - M ratings are not displayed by default.
    • Can filter out specific fanfics by searching for a certain character's name, e.g. Phoenix W./Nick, Maya F. or Miles E.
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Phoenix's SSBB Case Files by ShadowKnux372 (some AU, crossover)

  • Recommended by Da Patman
  • Synopsis: What if the Ace Attorney series was set in a world containing various locations from different Nintendo series, where Phoenix has to defend characters who appear in the Super Smash Bros. series? The answer is simple. You get different people being murdered, and the pop culture references are all related to the series the characters come from, but apart from that, there's no difference. The cases are written as if ShadowKnux372 is copying the text down while playing the cases, and most of them are set in different continuities from each other and the actual Ace Attorney games. It's not just Phoenix who does the defending, either. Apollo and Mia both get a chance to defend, as do two characters from the Ace Attorney side you would never expect to see as attorneys. It has its own page.

Objection!: A Phoenix Wright Fanfic Archive

  • Recommended by Wolfman 2000
  • Synopsis: A huge collection of stories for a variety of target audiences.
  • Comments: There is something for everyone here: crossovers, humor, drama, shipping, you name it! Some of the fics listed below are also available here.

Phoenix Wright Kink Meme by various anon authors.

  • Recommended by: Aruu
  • Synopsis: One of the biggest Kink Memes that's still going strong at a massive 23 parts.
  • Comments: You'll find everything here. There's tooth rotting fluff fics, and there's intense dark fics. Almost every kink has been catered for throughout the meme, with all manner of pairings from the bog standard Phoenix/Edgeworth and Phoenix/Maya, to Gant/Gourdy and Franziska/Her whip. There's some hidden treasures between the crack!fills.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Order in the Court, written by Incandescens

  • Recommended by Willy Four Eyes
  • Synopsis: It's a Bleach / Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney crossover with an alternate (and sometimes humorous) take on the "death" of Aizen and how the Seireitei court would handle it.
  • Comments: Contains Loads and Loads of Characters from both universes. Was updated once every day in the month of May for an LJ community.

To Each a Tempo, written by Pyrasaur

  • Recommended by Beckstar
  • Synopsis: A Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney / Elite Beat Agents crossover. An Elite Beat Agent is accused of murdering the person he just finished saving, putting the top-secret Agency at risk of a damning first impression to the world. Phoenix and Maya must cover up their defendant's identity while uncovering the rest of the truth: who really killed the old woman in the secluded park, and why?
  • Comments: Only requires a basic knowledge of the EBA characters and mechanics to understand. Takes place soon after PW: Justice For All. Explicit spoiler for JFA case 4, numerous vaguely alluded spoilers for the first two PW games. The author perfectly weaves the Elite Beat Agents into the world of Phoenix Wright.

Slow Dance, written by Ellcrys

  • Recommended by Jarell88, moooomoooo
  • Synopsis: After Vera's trial comes an even more difficult struggle: trying to figure out what a normal life is and how to live it.
  • Comments: The process of recovery and adaptation from a life of complete seclusion is not an easy one. Ellcrys wonderfully takes one of the minor characters from the Ace Attorney universe, and spins a tale so real, you'll be crying for the poor girl before the fic is halfway through.

On Broken Wings by icer01

  • Recommended by Suspicious Cookie
  • Synopsis: This is an AU that follows the 'bad ending' to Case 4 of JFA. After 2-4's Bad End scenario, Morgan's plot still stands, like a ticking time bomb. Will Phoenix's destiny again collide with the Fey Clan?
  • Comments: This is a 2-4 Bad End AU, which is a great premise. The alternate take on how 3-5 would have happened on this timeline is fascinating, the writing is great and there's a nice amount of angst - enough but not too much.

A Complete Turnabout by Nenilein

  • Recommended by True Zero, Motmot
  • Synopsis: Waking up in an unfamiliar room one morning, Phoenix Wright suddenly finds a Prosecutor's Badge in his possession. With most of his allies suddenly acting hostile towards him, will he figure out what truly caused the world he knew to suddenly change?
  • Comments: This story is cleverly written, and deals with a world where DL-6 never existed, and where the Phoenix from the games wakes up to find himself in the life of a Phoenix Wright who is not only a Prosecutor, but is such a Jerkass that almost everyone who was close friends with in his life now deeply hate him. Currently dealing with the first murder case, the victim and defendant being Ema Skye and Lana Skye respectively, with Edgeworth as the Attorney, and Phoenix as the Prosecutor. Also has a case in a similar vein to DL-6, and the incident with the Forged Evidence from Apollo Justice, this case not being know to the reader or to Phoenix at this point, but resulting in the imprisonment of Mia and a non-psychopathic Dahlia. The Author also keeps a Court Record on her Profile page with sketched images for certain aspects. Contains an OC Attorney who isn't gifted at the trade, but instead is known as the 'Evidence Spammer' for presenting Evidence purely to buy time to come up with a theory, and hasn't got a perfect record either.

No Place For A Hero by MexMarco

  • Recommended by Yarrik
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: One year after People v. Misham, Phoenix has reopened his law offices and recovered his attorney badge. Now both he and Apollo must prepare to do battle with the future, two murders and a court system that still refuses to change. Major spoilers for all five games!
  • Comments: An introspective look at the lives of Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice, yet it maintains the humor and characterization that we've come to know and love.

Trucy's Daddy by Ellcrys

  • Recommended by Meikyu Butterfly
  • Synopsis: Alternate timeline to 4-4, while Vera Misham survives her atroquinine poisoning, Trucy, who had borrowed her nail polish before, ends up biting her nails in the Defense's bench as well and dies. Phoenix is left behind as a broken man, while Apollo and his other friends do all in their power to help him recover. (Kink Meme Fanfic)
  • Comments: Perfect characterization, heart wrenching storyline and little to no appearance of the dreaded Idiot Ball, except for the possibility of channeling Trucy only coming up in the last 10 chapters of the story, maybe, make this Fic one of the true gems of the Kink Meme and definitely worth a read. While it features Phoenix and Edgeworth as a pairing, it is too downplayed to count as a Shipping Fic and can be ignored if you are not particularly averted to the pairing. The focus is clearly on Phoenix' relationship with his adoptive daughter. A Hurt-Comfort Fic with a lot of Drama but also Fluff.

Dementia by SoWrightSoWrong

  • Recommended by: Aruu
  • Synopsis: It starts with Edgeworth forgetting little things here and there, like misplacing his glasses and falling behind with his notes. He and Phoenix joke about getting older, until they realise that Edgeworth has Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Pairing(s): Some Edgeworth/Phoenix, but it's hardly the focus.
  • Comments: Utterly heartbreaking. The author is not only a talented writer, but they have clearly done their research into Alzheimer's. You will cry after reading this.

Phoenix Wright: Devil's Attorney, created by LordIban

  • Recommended by Kytseo
  • Synopsis: A crossover between Ace Attorney and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, the story starts with Etna kidnapping Wright and dragging him to the Netherworld. Basically, Celestia has sent an ambassador to strike up peaceful negotiation with Overlord Laharl, but was (of course) murdered before the deed could be done. Laharl, having found the body, is accused of the murder, and, with the fate of both worlds riding on his shoulders, Nick has to prove Laharl innocent and disclose the identity of the true Big Bad of the story (which happens to be Vulcanus, the Big Bad of the first Disgaea game).
  • Comments: It's, overall, a pretty good crossover between the two franchises. All the characters from each are relatively faithful to their canon portrayals (though Laharl's portrayal seems to verge slightly more towards post character development in the game than post Flanderization after it), and the twists are pretty good. Overall, i would definitely recommend it (though the fifth and final part is about an hour long, just something to consider when planning to watch it).

Apollo Justice: New Beginnings, by Gazing on the Arabesque

  • Recommended by Oath To Oblivion
  • Summary: My take on a second Apollo Justice game. Phoenix Wright passed the bar exam, but must watch five of Apollo's trials before he can officially practice law again. With Phoenix's new badge, old acquaintances arrive, some good, some bad.
  • Comments: This story really takes after the Ace Attorney games it's supposed to be a sequel to. Readers will rejoice at the arrival of several old characters from the Phoenix Saga that people missed in Apollo Justice. In addition, the humor and court cases themselves really fit into the world of Ace Attorney, and people who missed Phoenix in the protaganist role will be happy to find that he is also around. Put it simply, if this was actually the real Ace Attorney 5, I would buy it on the launch date!

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Follow the Fool by CantFakeTheFunk (Slash Fic.)

  • Recommended by The Turtle Guy
  • Pairing: Franziska von Karma/Adrian Andrews.
  • Synopsis: Four months after the final case in PW 2, Franziska von Karma is forced to reexamine her life yet again when a certain woman comes to Germany to see her. Implied Franziska x Adrian, Shoujo Ai...
  • Comments: The definitive Fran/Adrian fic. Great insight into the minds of both women. The OC is fantastic as well, fitting the quirky nature of the series while staying fresh and funny.

A Funny Thing Called Fate by strawberryfzz

  • Recommended by Fortunately Rabid
  • Pairing: Ema Skye/Klavier Gavin.
  • Synopsis: A story that starts with Ema's first kiss, and follows her relationship with Klavier throughout the span of the series. Contains spoilers from the first and fourth Ace Attorney games.
  • Comments: A lovely fic that manages to keep both leads in character while also fleshing them out and providing an interesting reason for Ema's dislike of Klavier. The relationship of the pair also develops from dislike/indifference to friendship to romance rather than starting out with Ema harboring a secret crush for Klavier(as many fics of this couple do). Furthermore the fic is also intertwined brilliantly with both the timeline and plot of the Apollo Justice game, so much so that any fan will be able to appreciate the thought, creativity and writing skills of the author. A definite recommendation for any fan of this pairing.

Rock Steady by JazzBox

  • Recommended by Jarell88
  • Pairing: Ema Skye x Klavier Gavin.
  • Synopsis: How do you love everything about someone yet hate them at the exact same time? That was one question Ema could never answer.
  • Comments: While most fics that attempt to pair these two tend to throw at least one of these people out of character, this fic in particular is very well done. Every character featured in here remains wonderfully in character, so much so that everything here could be lifted out of the game itself. Also, for fans of the series in general, practically every important makes an appearance, and there are more continuity nods than you can shake a stick at, such as the remains of Ema's schoolgirl crush of Edgeworth, Kurain village, and so much more. Definitely a good read.

Piano Man by Trench Kamen. (Explicit sexual content, language, detailed descriptions of injury later on. Yaoi. Het. Suggested yuri.)

  • Recommended by fatalfeline
  • Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth-centric, though it deals with many other pairings as well (most notably Maggey/Gumshoe).
  • Synopsis: Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth have finally been able to settle down together. Phoenix's musical sense never left, even after re-gaining his bar: he still associates songs with memories, good and bad, hilarious and heartbreaking.

Shadows Passing by [=So Wright So Wrong-]

  • Recommended by Love Is Weird
  • Pairing: Edgeworth/Phoenix
  • Synopsis: Three years after their parting, Phoenix and Edgeworth don't recognize each other when they meet again. Px E, written for the kink meme.
  • Comments: Where to start, where to start...oh, yeah. To get this out of the way, this has Easy Amnesia as one of its plot points. But, oh my giddy aunt, it is crukking GOOD. The segments set in the present are just so beautifully written, and those in the past do their job of explaining exactly what Edgeworth is doing teaching at a high school under the name of Evan Morgan and why Phoenix doesn't remember a thing about his life. Wonderful writing right there, with the Tear Jerker factor turned Up to Eleven. Whoever writes this must be an accomplished professional!

Of Fake Fairytales and Faux Amour by Lyrical Rawr

  • Recommended by Love Is Weird
  • Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth, fake at first
  • Synopsis: Miles desperately needs a way of removing an unwanted admirer, and what better way is there than to pretend to date his very male, straight best friend and rival? Sigh, it sounded so foolproof in his head at least...
  • Comments: This is a stark contrast to my previous recommendation above. Where Shadows is tear-jerky and sniffle-inducing, OFFAFA is hilarious! The OC, Kath Everett, is written so well, and Edgeworth and Phoenix seem so in character! My only gripe is, hey, the plot is a little overused, but Rawr more than makes up for it by her superb writing and laugh-a-minute jokes. Be warned, though, it gets a bit long at times.

The Man Who Looked at the Sky by Carlis Black

  • Recommended by Gintax Alvissforever
  • Pairing: Klavier/Apollo, as the story goes on
  • Synopsis: When Daryan and Kristoph breaks out of prison, Klavier is desperate to hunt them down. Then Kristoph disappears, and Apollo is suspected to be the reason. But when Klavier confronts his Herr Forehead, Apollo simply refuses to cooperate...

The Last Job by bethfrish

  • Recommended by chameleonbreath
  • Pairing: Tyrell Badd/Calisto Yew/Byrne Faraday
  • Synopsis: Just a cute little piece about the Yatagarasu Gang. WARNING: NC-17
  • Comments: Great characterisation! I personally am in love with Byrne Faraday, and this fic definitely does all three of the Yatagarasu justice. And there's smut, which is great.

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows by Orange Lights

  • Recommended by Pencilsoot
  • Pairing: Franziska von Karma/Adrian Andrews
  • Synopsis: When Franziska comes back from Germany for a case, she finds herself staying much longer than she intended thanks to a certain woman.
  • Comments: A wonderful fic with everyone surprisingly in character. The author really takes Franziska and Adrian's relationship realistically; starting out at a slow believable pace and showing views from both women on the current situation at hand. Overall, a very enjoyable fanfiction.

Life Doesn't Work That Way by Daphne22

  • Recommended by kirana44
  • Pairing: Edgeworth/Phoenix
  • Synopsis: Phoenix and Edgeworth deal with the repercussions of Lana Skye's trial while trying to trying to figure out what they really mean to each other. Set between 1-5 and JFA, spoilers for both, slash.
  • Comments: I genuinely can't praise this fic enough. Everyone is brilliantly in character, and the portrayal of Edgeworth's gradual breakdown is simply brilliant. It fits almost perfectly in the canon, and the writing itself is top-notch. Really delves into the bizarre friendship between Nick and Edgey, and builds up the tension nicely. The kind of story you have to devour, it's so good.

The Rest of the Pieces by purplepjs

  • Recommended by Star Meilene 01
  • Pairing: Maya/Phoenix
  • Synopsis: It was all supposed to be over at the end of the Hazakurain Trial, but what secrets still remain unspoken about the Fey family past? Is Maya's life in danger yet again?
  • Comments: An absolutely lovely fic, my favorite Maya/Phoenix fic. It really digs deep into their relationship and the Fey family past. You see Edgeworth and Kay, Iris and Pearl, and even a few original characters. Not only Maya, but it also tunnels into the relationship between Maya and Diego, starting with how they first met, and why Diego calls her "kitten". The romance is really sweet and contains lots of fluff, and the suspense and mystery tie in with it together perfectly. But the amazing part is that it's all possible, tying in with the Apollo Justice world as well. I highly recommend this fic for anyone looking for some Maya/Phoenix in their day.

Break the Sky (continued here:

  • recommended by oceanlover4evr
  • A kink-meme fill, this is absolutely amazing, and is one of the longest ones yet, still ongoing at 264 chapters.
  • Synopsis: The Ace Attorney characters in a dystopian AU.
  • Comments: It's absolutely heart-breaking. The main pairings are Miles/Phoenix and Apollo/ Klavier, and it is BEAUTIFUL.