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  • The fourth case shows that Edgeworth liked to do glaring contests when he was younger. He has two, one versus a bailiff and another versus his own reflection. He loses the former, but wins the latter. How did he get his reflection to blink before he did? Nobody knows.
    • There's a difference between staring and glaring; all you have to do to win a staring contest is not blink, but the point of glaring is to cow your opponent into submission. That's right, Edgeworth cowed his own reflection into submission. Try figuring that one out.
    • And, to be fair, the bailiff was asleep. Edgeworth doesn't realize this immediately, though.
  • You get to cross examine, of all people, the Judge:

Edgeworth: "Objection! Your honor...!
The Judge: "I cannot allow you to make an objection."
Edgeworth: "Wh-what? I'm sorry, Your Honor, but I cannot allow you to not allow me to make an objection."
The Judge: "Egads! I've been overruled?!

  • Larry's second testimony in case 5, as it's essentially a non-stop stream of Edgeworth and everyone else present ripping into him.
  • Pretty much anything between Edgeworth and Larry, honestly - the entire conversation about why Larry was on the roof and Santa Claus being an unlawful trespasser -- and to boot, that the ides of March would be in a matter of hours, and Santa only comes in December was hilarious.
  • Anything in case 5 that has Edgeworth interact with the Steel Samurai mythos. Especially his reaction to Larry being the Steel Samurai. Imagine Nixon-like jowls.


    • Steel Samurai Sushi Slice!
      • If you present the autograph to Larry, Edgeworth gives this gem:

Edgeworth: Larry. I have one question for you, and depending on how you answer, I may let you live.

    • And who didn't crack a smile when they examined the pool to find Larry popping out of the water?
  • Three words...

Edgeworth: Objection! Go away!

  • Case 4 has Edgeworth with a scene where he makes asks Detective Tyrell Badd a simple, off-handed question that causes him to bug his eyes out in a glare and reach into his tattered coat as if he's going to pull out a gun. Edgeworth himself believes the Detective is about to do just that... but all he does is pull out a mirror and proceed to scratch his beard while admiring his reflection.
  • Kay Faraday blows her nose in Edgeworth's cravat.
  • "Um... Well... Uh... How should I put this... It's hideous."
    • ("Hmm. Maybe that was a bit too direct.")
  • Calisto Yew says something to get on Franziska's nerves, and Franziska readies her whip:

Edgeworth: Franziska, choose who you whip carefully or we could end up getting sued-- (Is instantaneously whipped) -- Oww!
Franziska: There. I have chosen carefully, as you have asked.
(Calisto breaks into hysterical laughter, which for once is actually appropriate.)

  • Oldbag as the Pink Badger? Clever. Oldbag as the Pink Princess? Hilarious.
    • Edgeworth's reactions to her are enough to make this game her best appearance. Cue Big No.
    • Part of its fun is in the music they use. It really captures the moment perfectly.

Oldbag: Heh... This must be fate.
Edgeworth: How could this happen two days in a roooooow?!

  • Turnabout Airlines: "I-I pinky-swear on my honor as a prosecutor."
    • Cammy Meele's first testimony. That is just the pinnacle of unhelpfulness.
    • Also, when Franziska asks you about how you suppose Agent Hicks died, if you choose anything but "free fall", Hilarity Ensues.

Edgeworth: Agent Hicks was trapped in the elevator, and died from oxygen loss!
Franziska: (...)
Edgeworth: A-and... he was bruised when he collapsed.



Lang: Aren't childhood friends the best?...For punching.

  • Case 4 when you examine the hot dog selection on the vending machine:

Edgeworth: "When you're in hot water, you might need a hot dog."................Hmm...It looks like this slogan was decided through a public contest. And the winner was... Prosecutor Winston Payne...?
Franziska: Hmph. What a pathetic slogan. No presence at all! Now, if it were up to me, it would read... "If you leave matters in a von Karma's hands, everyone in court will be found guilty dogs!"
Edgeworth: .............
Franziska: Overruled!

    • The entire vending machine, really. Inspecting the "Defendant's Milk" leads Fran and Miles into a debate as to whether the milk is freshly milked by defendants or from defendants.
  • Case 5 has a particularly priceless moment while examining the belongings of Disc One Final Boss Shih-na/Yew.

Edgeworth: "Let's examine her shoes."
Lang: "Hey Mr. Prosecutor. You know what they say about men who look at a woman's shoes?"
Shih-na: "Ahah! How scandalous!"

  • Case 5, when someone objects, and everybody wonders who it was:

forensics guy: It was meeeeeeeee!

  • The scene where Lang gives a gift to one of his men, saying that it's a present for his younger brother's wife's young brother's birthday! While Lang's 'pack' are going on about what great guy their shifu is, Edgeworth has these thoughts.

(...I should probably leave them to their "alone time.")

  • "Don't sleep while I'm pointing my finger at you!"
  • The fact that Cammy invokes her snot bubbles with a bubble pipe never ceases to make this troper giggle.
  • Lang and Shih-na's joint reaction to the photograph of the Yatagarasu (actually a statue wrapped in a coat) apparently flying through the air:

Lang: I know you may not have realized this, but...
Shih-na shows up out of nowhere so they can both dramatically point in unison

Lang: ...people can't fly.

  • Edgeworth's response to Gumshoe when inspecting Portsman's door in the first case

Gumshoe: Aha! So I guess only a great cat burglar could get in! That must be who our culprit is!
Edgeworth: ...Might I advise you to return that conclusion to whatever pawn shop you bought it from?

  • At the end of case 4, Franziska's response to Gumshoe calling Detective Badd "Pops".

Franziska: "Pops?"...? Watched one too many detective dramas recently, have we?
Edgeworth: (Way to single-handedly destroy the cheery atmosphere with one snarky comment.)


Ace Attorney Investigations 2

  • When Yumihiko has to find evidence his father threw out.
  • Kay's Entrance in case 1.
  • Whenever Hakari uses his gavel.
  • The final boss's breakdown, in which he gets the crap beaten out of him by the circus animals.

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