Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Nightmare Fuel

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  • In the intro to Case 3, Edgeworth gets attacked by a person with a sword in a Proto Badger suit with empty eyes.
  • In Case 5, there's Quercus Alba's breakdown where parts of his face fly off!
    • Also in Case 5, Shih-na laughing a second time.
  • The second case of the second game's introduction, which features Manosuke lying dead in a dank, eerily-lit prison, bleeding heavily (by the series' standards) from a neck wound inflicted by a hound with a bloodied snout...
    • It features an utterly terrifying-looking ex-assassin (who is the owner of said dog), several of the inmates threaten to kill you when questioned, said inmates are later dragged off screaming to the "Disiplinary Room" for refusing to co-operate, the very first contradiction you have to point out is that the victim couldn't have screamed because he was stabbed in the throat and the real culprit committed the murder out of panic due to having been driven insane from paranoia. And it gets worse [warning, HEAVY SPOILERS]: the cheerful, upbeat ending becomes pure Fridge Horror after playing Case 5. That nice, innocent guy you get off the hook? He's the freaking Big Bad!! Tateyuki even lampshades it by saying something to the effect of "We're in a prison, what did you expect?"