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The Character page for Ace Combat: The Equestrian War fanfic. These traits are valid as of the recent chapter.

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Mirage squadron

A group of seven pegasi ponies (five, initially) who become Equestria's main aerial defense force when the Wonderbolts are incapacitated. Driven by purpose and bound by friendship, they will do everything in their might to protect their homeland.

Tropes shared by all members

Rainbow Dash

A blue pegasus pony, representing the Element of Loyalty and second-in-command of the Mirage squadron. Regarded as the fastest pegasus in Equestria. She's headstrong and determined to fight against even the most difficult of odds. Rainbow hopes to become a member of the Wonderbolts in the future.

Callsign: Rainbow (Mirage 2)

Rainbow Dash: "Oh, HAY NO! This is not happening!"


The leader of the squadron. Upon her return to Equestria, she is permitted by Princess Celestia to form her own team in an attempt to help other ponies in defending their homeland. But she also has a personal motive for coming back... Being a determined and confident mare, she has a natural knack for being a leader. Though Firefly may act cold and apathetic toward other ponies (including her wingmares), deep inside, she has a sensitive soul and is a likeable, understanding pony.

Callsign: Flash (Mirage 1)

Firefly: You know what? TO HAY WITH YOU!

    • And in chapter 16, she does it again:



A timid and shy pegasus pony, representing the Element of Kindness. She joins the Mirage squadron reluctantly, by Rainbow Dash's suggestion. Initally detests the war in every meaning, but upon seeing her animal friends being wounded by the griffin ruffians, Fluttershy begins to realize that fighting is sometimes the only option. She forms a deep bond of friendship with Rainbow Dash, as they are friends since fillyhood.

Callsign: Butterfly (Mirage 5)

Night Raven: Who do you think you are, you wimp?
Fluttershy: My name is Fluttershy! I’m a member of the Mirage squadron! And I've sworn to protect Equestria and my friends! I’m a pony that represents the Element of Kindness! But, to you... I will show no mercy!

Lightning Bolt

One of many workers in Cloudsdale Weather Factory, she volunteers to join Firefly's team upon hearing of the griffin invasion. Lightning Bolt is quite intelligent and has a knack for all things mechanical. She's usually collected and reasonable, but there are times she slightly loosens her attitude. Lightning and Cloud Kicker are the best of friends and are rarely seen apart.

Callsign: Thunder (Mirage 3)

Cloud Kicker

An optimistic and cheerful young adult mare, she also worked in Cloudsdale Weather Factory prior to the griffin invasion. There, she met Lightning Bolt and befriended her. Since then, the two are rarely seen apart. Though she doesn't excel in any attribute, she's a good support and has great senses of sight and hearing.

Callsign: Sunny (Mirage 4)


An average mare living in Ponyville with her little daughter, Dinky. Her whole life is turned upside down when the griffins attack Equestria. Thanks to Mirage squadron's assistance, she manages to rescue Dinky from her kidnappers and later, joins the squadron to help drive the invasion away. Though her outside appearance may suggest that Derpy is a silly pony, she possesses a great heart and is very empathic toward others.

Callsign: Ditzy (Mirage 6)

Derpy: Carrot Top... you were smiling until the end... I... I will never forget you. I will always remember the moments we shared together... Goodbye... I hope you will have beautiful dreams... Rest easy... I will avenge you!

    • And she does.


Still a young pegasus, Medley joins the Mirage squadron while helping them defend Trottingham in early phase of the war. She's a fast flyer and has a truly eagle-eyed sight, becoming a valuable scout. Medley idolizes Rainbow Dash. Despite the inital low self-esteem, she hopes to overcome her problems and aid her friends in defending Equestria.

Callsign: Kid (Mirage 7)

Other Mane characters

Twilight Sparkle

A purple unicorn, representing the Element of Magic. She is Princess Celestia's trusted student and is responsible for majority of the unicorn units. Having a great sense of organization and a nearly limitless magical potential, Twilight Sparkle serves as a great support to the main heroines.


An orange earth pony, representing the Element of Honesty. She's strong and somewhat stubborn. Taken prisoner by the griffins, she is subjected to a painful experience, but is rescued by Rainbow Dash and the Mirage squadron. Applejack and Rainbow consider each other as best friends.


A white unicorn, representing the Element of Generosity. She doesn't like the war one bit, but decides to aid her friends nonetheless. Rarity has a tendency to making special uniforms and vests, which help the ponies in identifying their teams. Her younger sister, named Sweetie Belle, along with Applejack's sister, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo, form the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Pinkie Pie

A hyperactive pink earth pony, representing the Element of Laughter. Though lighthearted, she does see the war in Equestria as a big problem and, before the Mirage squadron is sent on a crucial mission, she decides to throw a big party in their honor. Her cheerful demanour is one of those things that doesn't change throughout the conflict.


A young purple dragon and Twilight's assitant. He acts as a sort of chronicler, noting all important facts about The Equestrian War.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna

Twin winged unicorn sisters, rulers of Equestria. Celestia represents daytime, while Luna is responsible for the night. They are wise and confident in the abilities of their subjects, believing that, despite differences on the outside, they are all equal inside.


A teacher in the Ponyville School, she takes care of the fillies after the war erupts. Cheerilee has a kind and gentle personality and is sometimes aided by Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

The Wonderbolts

Equestria's elite flying team, primarily known for performing various radical stunts on their air shows. However, they are also skilled fighters. Though incapacitated by the two griffin aces at the beginning of the war, they eventually recover. They aid the Mirage squadron and other ponies in several battles.


Captain of the Wonderbolts. Despite her outside look, she is always relaxed and level-headed. Spitfire sees Rainbow Dash as a pegasus with a potential to become a Wonderbolt in the future.


Spitifre's companion and good friend. He has a versatile style and can perform a wide variety of tasks.


A young and energetic mare. She holds deep respect for Spitifre and usually speaks in a formal tone. Firebolt believes the whole war could have been avoided and happens only because of the griffins' misguided ideals.


The Wonderbolts' operator. He provides the main source of information to the Mirage squadron in many key operations. By some ponies, he is viewed as the actual pegasus commander.

Pegasi Leaders

These pegasi are crucial characters in the later part of the story, as they lead their teams to battle alongside the Wonderbolts and Mirage squadron. All of these are Original Characters.

Tornado Swirl



Quick Chaser

Thunder Flicker


Flare Star

Foreign Aces


A mysterious pegasus from outside of Equestria. Regarded as a living legend and the best flier among the pegasi. Though he is silent all the time, his actions speak louder than words.


A gray, red-maned adult pegasus, hailing from Emareia. He decides to join the conflict in order to help protect the land assaulted by the enemy. His attitude is slightly reserved.


A green, black-maned adult pegasus, hailing from Emareia. He decides to join the conflict in order to help protect the land assaulted by the enemy. Compared to his friend, he is more willing to speak and outgoing.

Sky Eye

Mobius' assistant, providing him with early warnings of potential enemy threats.


All of these are Original Characters, with one exception.

Black Star

One of the griffins responsible for coup d'etat in The Griffin Kingdom and starting The Equestrian War. He is a cold-hearted soldier, with an ambition. Black Star prefers to use cold logic rather than pointless violence and is actually quite cunning.

Red Cyclone

One of the griffins responsible for coup d'etat in The Griffin Kingdom and starting The Equestrian War. Red Cyclone is a brutal warrior and sees the ponies as weaklings, unworthy of living. He devises an Evil Plan that would culminate in the devastation of the ponykind.

General Silverbeak

Leader of the Griffin Army. He is bound to Black Star and Red Cyclone.


An experienced griffon soldier, wearing a yellow vest with #13 on it.


Leader of the Talon squadron, the elite fighter team of the Griffin Army.


An arrogant griffon soldier.


A griffon soldier who holds little respect for those around him.


A griffon soldier who always follows orders.


A smart and far-sighted griffon soldier, he leads the Northwind squadron.

Night Raven

A battle-obsessed griffon soldier, who wishes to fight against the strongest opponents around. Has a violent fighting style.

Night Raven: Ugh... good... kill... Well fought.....


An impulsive griffon soldier.


A level-headed griffon soldier who sees the Mirage squadron as dangerous opponents. Leads the Crimson squadron.


A rookie griffon soldier, thoughtless and careless.


A rational and self-confident griffon soldier.

"G" / Gilda

An old friend of Rainbow Dash. She tries to convince Rainbow to join her, but fails. She has her own reasons for being a part of The Equestrian War, but they remain unknown, as are her whereabouts since the battle for Ponyville.