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  • This little conversation from chapter 6:

Derpy: Are you going to release them (refers to Applejack and Rainbow Dash) or should we knock some sense into you?
Griffon soldier: What kind of idiot would let his prey go like that?
Cloud Kicker: Hey, it never hurts to try.

  • In chapter 7, when the pegasi arrive at the Gildsedale Plains, Firefly asks Lightning Bolt to confirm their location. She knows the situation is slightly tense and tries to lighten the mood by goofing up.

Lightning Bolt: (checking the map) Hmmm... according to these symbols, of ancient meaning I presume, we’re somewhere... here.

(Medley chuckles)

Firefly: (sarcastically) Tell me something I don’t know.

Lightning Bolt: Consuming large amounts of food may lead to indigestion problems.

(Everypony laughs)

    • Moments later, Derpy drops a little gem of her own.

Lightning Bolt: Supply bunkers at 11 o’clock.
Derpy: Shoot! It’s 1057 hours! We’ve got to hurry!
(Medley and Cloud Kicker chuckle)

  • Firefly's facehoof when Pinkie Pie says she's throwing a party for her team just before the mission to destroy The Burning Talon in chapter 9.
  • Rainbow Dash asking Firefly for a permission to begin their own party in chapter 10. Complete with a proper tone and a salute.
  • In chapter 14, before the batte for Cloudsdale begins:

Lightning Bolt: [...] But now, let’s focus on what’s ahead. RIDE OUT!

Firefly: Uh... Thunder? What’s with that yell all of a sudden?

Lightning Bolt: I thought we need a sort of battle cry, you know, to boost our spirits! …Was it bad?

Firefly: No... but we’re flying, not running.

Lightning Bolt: *sigh*

Rainbow Dash: I’ve got a better one: GO FOR BROKE! (laughs)