Ace Combat: The Equestrian War/Heartwarming

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  • Fluttershy embracing Firefly and saying she holds no grudges against her What the Hell, Hero? speech in chapter 3, after the latter excused for her behavior.
  • The beginning of chapter 4, where Dinky shows Derpy a hoof-drawn picture of them with words "I love you, mommy!" on it.
  • In chapter 8, Rainbow Dash and the pegasi from Mirage squadron are comforting Firefly after she tells them her Back Story.
  • This exchange between Firefly and Derpy in chapter 9:

Firefly: I was wondering... why are you cross-eyed? Don’t you have a problem with that?
Derpy: It’s true that at times I feel a bit strange, but my eyes had always been like this... ever since... since Dinky appeared in my life. Maybe I had a normal sight before, but I can’t remember that. I got used to this situation, and she doesn’t seem to complain, either.
Firefly: OK, but I still don’t get it; can’t you get an eye surgery or something?
Derpy: No... it’s best to keep it that way.
Firefly: But... why...?
Derpy: One eye is there to watch over my daughter and see her grow. The other is to protect Equestria from danger and ensure that Dinky can live in it.

    • The party that Pinkie Pie (actually, it was Princess Celestia that suggested it) throws at the end of the chapter, before the Mirage squadron is sent on a mission to destroy the Burning Talon two days later.
      • Especially the little talk between Rainbow Dash and Firefly at the balcony.
  • The second part of chapter 10 is this, doubled as a Tear Jerker. The ponies comfort Fluttershy, who suffers a trauma from seemingly killing a living being (a griffon, but nonetheless) when she was trying to safe Cloud Kicker's life. When Princesses Celestia and Luna convince her that she wasn't actually directly responsible for Razor's death, she makes a Tearful Smile.
    • Moments later, when Firefly and the other pegasi, sans Rainbow Dash, are trying to leave the room and make Fluttershy stay with her friends, she stops them and says the following sentence that causes Firefly to shed Tender Tears:

Fluttershy: Please, stay with us, Firefly. After all, we are... friends.

  • There's a conversation between the Mane Cast in chapter 13, where Twilight assures Rainbow they will always be there for her, no matter what happens. Followed by one of several Group Hugs in the story.
  • Despite chapter 15 being a massive Tear Jerker, it has two beautiful gems:

Lightning Bolt: We had been fighting in this war together... and we’ll remain together. No matter what happens... we will always be best friends. Nothing will ever change that.
Cloud Kicker: I know... Then... I will keep fighting, too... Oh, Lightning... *sniff*... what would I... Where would I be without you?!
Lightning Bolt: And me? Remember, Cloud Kicker... you are free to cry whenever you feel sad. It’s fine. My flank is always available. *smiles*

    • Then, by the end of the chapter, when Derpy offers Pipsqueak to take up residence with her and Dinky, since his parents were killed by griffins. In short, Dinky will be having a foster brother. Firefly's comment seals the touching atmosphere, if only for a short time:

Firefly: However you might look for the ponies on the outside... I can tell that inside... you have a great and powerful heart... I’m glad to know you’re a part of our team, Derpy.