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  • Canon Sue: Many fans felt that the writers were trying a little too hard to make them like Mark's replacement Girlfriend, Kat Adams.
  • He Really Can Act: Unidentified Flying Superhero was Mark's moment. Before that I don't think many fans were convinced that Tom Wansey knew what he was doing.
  • Narm Charm: Mostly because Ace is such a blatant parody of superhero stereotypes and yet so utterly believes in them. The human characters acting also bounces around this category a lot. Especially Mark. You really do either love or hate it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Several instances.
    • One which stands out is Sparx's death scene in which Googler's puppets shoot her in the heart with an energy blast from her own sword. In a series which usually thrives on comedy and Narm Charm, this excellently staged scene came out of nowhere. She got better, but it was still disturbingly graphic.
    • Anytime Pigface was let loose in a garbage can.
    • Lord Fear's rather... impressive displays of stretching complete with joints creaking and maniacal laughter (particularly creepy given that he's a walking skeleton).
  • Squick: Oh boy...
    • Kilobyte's tentacles. Utilised for power drainage. This is usually a bit... graphic.
    • Lady Illusion and Lord Fear are a couple for most of the first series (and yes they behave that way), right? He's a sentient skeleton. Ew.
    • Pigface's, er... snot attack. Poor Heather gets a faceful of it, once.
  • Tear Jerker:

"Look after Ace, Kid. He needs you more than ever."

    • It's Sparx?s death scene, in case you're wondering. Also a bit of a woobie moment for Mark because he looked so damned upset about it (thus supporting a fact that had previously been doubted: Tom Wansey can actually freaking act.)
    • Lady Illusion offers to take away the Human Emotions that Ace has been struggling with the entire season after Taking the Bullet for him in the final episode, calling it "her last gift to him". He tells her not to. He wants to keep them. As much as they have screwed him up and over in the last half a dozen episodes or so, they are the real gift.
  • Too Good to Last: The show was cancelled after three seasons, leaving the viewers on something of a small cliff-hanger.
  • Villain Decay: Lord Fear, after the overshadowing arrival of Kilobyte.
  • The Woobie: Mostly Ace, though Mark has his moments.
    • As does Chuck
      • And Random Virus. Seriously.